Understanding The Meaning of Paraphrasing

Understanding The Meaning of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is also known as rephrasing. Rephrasing is the fundamental way of changing the sentence structure while keeping the thoughts, ideas and the way of expression the same. For a language it is valid to change this way if there is no grammatical error. If it is in direct form, it would be changed into indirect speech, so this is how paraphrasing/rephrasing is done. This is what now people do online too. As nowadays technology is being used everywhere; students, teachers and every person uses online platforms to get their work done easily so in the same way professionals created online websites where people can get this work done on a single click.

Where is Paraphrasing used?

Online rephrasing is a useful tool as it is used to reform the long speeches. When people get orders from the client via mail or texts they need a closer view to the client’s wants so they rephrase their statements and get a more vivid idea. Coaches and teachers use these tools to prepare their lectures as they want to be on point so the students may grasp the selective point the teacher wants to highlight.

How the Online Paraphrasing Tools work?

When the tools reshape the given text they actually change the structure of the text without letting its meaning change. Reshaping/ rewording is done in such a way in most of the cases that the difficult and less used words are alternated with their synonyms. This is how the whole body of the sentence is changed and simplified to understand. It’s not the summary. In summary points are reduced but in paraphrasing the points are just simplified. You can easily avail this quick service by copy pasting your selected paragraph and the software shall rewrite a paragraph for you having the same meaning but just an alternative use of words.

Commonly Used Rephrasing Websites

rewrite a paragraph

After understanding the concept of online rephrasing you must be wishing to try it, so here are some of the most popular and most authentic websites on which you may do the rephrasing work for your school and college. Here is the list;

  • Spin Rewriter
  • CleverSpinner
  • The Best Spinner
  • it
  • SpinnerChief 5

You may have to buy the subscription for some websites to get the job done within a few seconds. But some of the websites are free to use and are just a click away from you. Everyone can use these fast and free websites and get help with the work they need to get done while observing time limits.

Author: Nina Mdivani