How a Digital Mail Solution Works and Its Benefits

How a Digital Mail Solution Works and Its Benefits

Receiving paper mail at your business entails many steps. It takes time to process, route, log, make notes, delivers, and store. When managing physical mail with a digital mail service like Eco-Mail, you alleviate the whole mailroom and its repeated, long drawn out, multiple step process and instead get speedy service with concise advanced technology.

How a Digital Mail Solution Works

Digital mail solutions with Eco-Mail safely and securely takes paper mail and turns it into a digital version. The software runs a digital mailroom by quickly and accurately detecting, organizing, and routing mail without human handling. Digital mail service is ultimately received via email securely to your inbox. Enterprise digital mail solution transfers paper mail securely and privately to a convenient and safe place far away from where you do business.

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Digital Mail Benefits

Often, multiple colleagues need to process the same document. In the physical world, this means numerous paper copies and a loss of document control. Digital mail service with Eco-Mail, there is only a single instance of each digital document that supports multiple views and actions, all documented.

Automated audit trails track every action and simplify and improve the control of all your transactional processes. Tracking progress and monitoring outcomes are dramatically easier for every document that flows through your business.

Enterprises are going completely digital to save money and to stay safe distances from people. Using a digital mail service cuts down on human contact and helps prevent the spread of COVID. This type of software was developed long before the recent pandemic. However, amid this ever-changing crisis, it is imperative to have a solution in place to help prevent the spread of germs and ultimately lower costs. If that is not enough, Eco-Mail optimizes efficiency, gives more control and transparency, has a faster response time for customers, offers seamless integration, and is flexible for any business. It is secure and private and cuts out the extra workload saving you $1 or more per piece of mail.

Eco-Mail Enterprise Digital Mail Solution

Incoming physical mail is notoriously hard to manage and track. By digitizing all inbound mail, you make every piece trackable, searchable, and auditable. So document control and regulatory compliance become far simpler tasks, saving time and money.

When it is time for you to make the change, get the best care and the most potent technology by partnering with Eco-Mail. Why not harness the power of technology and put it to good use? Find the facts, get the real deal, and contact Eco-Mail today.

Author: Steffy Alen