With technology, you can schedule appointments from anywhere

With technology, you can schedule appointments from anywhere

As we all know, being a manager entails a plethora of responsibilities. And we’re sure we can all agree that one of the most dreaded responsibilities of them all is employee scheduling and shift handover. Using excel sheets or paper calendars that must be constantly updated whenever an employee needs to change shifts is a dying practice. Why? Since this ancient method requires managers to be fastened to their desks, continually working on the schedule. What’s worse is being questioned about scheduling while you’re not at your desk. How do you recall every employee’s application for a shift change when you won’t be there for a few hours? It’s a difficult job.

We’re sure you get the point: attempting to keep current schedules and manage communication in this manner is not sustainable and makes a manager’s job harder than it should be. The good news is that employee scheduling CAN be made easier with the help of shift scheduling software!

Thank you, the twenty-first century!

Instead of keeping the schedule in one place, shift software now allows managers to schedule anywhere and at any time! What’s more, employees can be given some responsibility for managing their shift changes.

Implementing employee scheduling software that handles heavy lifting can relieve common manager headaches by allowing managers to schedule anywhere, quickly and easily!

Scheduling technology is the solution to communication problems

Consider how many emails, telephone conversations, and text messages you receive in a week with queries about the timetable, requests for time off, expressing concern about shift availability, and so on. Any manager can identify with the turmoil. These messages are analogous to playing the telephone game, where details are lost in transmitting information throughout the staff.

Employee scheduling technology, fortunately, eliminates these time-consuming questions. Technology enables complete communication within a single scheduling platform, preventing a slew of random messages from becoming lost in translation. The entire squad can communicate using the online shift handover software, ensuring that everyone is always updated.

Managers can breathe a little easier knowing that employees can communicate using group messaging and text features built into the technology to observe and demand schedule updates from anywhere, at any time. Having all of your information and communication in ONE location makes life a lot easier.

Employee scheduling software makes life easier

Aside from facilitating communication by centralizing it, employee scheduling software provides complete transparency for all information a manager requires to complete the schedule. For instance, no more tracking down employees to ask about their availability – it’s all in the software!

Employees can also view the current status of shifts and submit requests for time off or schedule changes for approval using scheduling shift log software. Managers’ lives are made a lot easier when all of these employee requests are in one place rather than scattered across texts, emails, and sticky notes.

And, if there isn’t enough availability to fill the schedule, technology can assist in determining when it’s time to hire more people.

An online employee scheduling software, in essence, allows managers to schedule from anywhere, see all availability, and help prevent scheduling issues before they occur.

It’s a fail-safe method of scheduling.

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When employees can schedule from anywhere, it’s a win-win situation

Not only does scheduling technology enable managers to schedule from anywhere, but it also empowers employees to submit requests and changes from anywhere. Employees with manager approval can view their schedule online, drop shifts, switch shifts, and pick up shifts. This eliminates the need for shift swap books, paper schedules, and signatures for everything.

It saves you TIME

Sincerely, technology allows employees to perform all manual scheduling tasks on behalf of their managers! It’s a win-win situation. Furthermore, greater autonomy leads to happier employees who are more productive and engaged in the long run.

Overall, managers can save up to 80% of their scheduling time by utilizing technology. When it comes to creating schedules, employee scheduling software can magically turn hours into minutes!

There will be no more unnecessary texts, emails, notes, or phone calls to complicate scheduling.

This technology empowers employees, reduces stress for managers, and saves time, allowing managers to focus on growing sales and profits rather than scheduling.

If you’re tired of dreading schedule every week, it’s time to join in on the fun and start scheduling from anywhere with the help of scheduling software.

Author: Nina Mdivani