How to Transform to a Digital Mailroom

How to Transform to a Digital Mailroom

The concept of a digital mailroom has been around for many years. During the digital transformation Technology has evolved and transformed over the years, and now digital mail is becoming well-known and widely used. What a great society we live in today where software is smart enough to provide real-life solutions that help the planet to remain healthy, and business to thrive, even when the whole world is on a shelter-in-place.

The Digital Mail Phenomenon

Digital mail is simply physical mail that has been converted to a digital format. In order to obtain digital mail, there are several components that must be in order. First on the list is that the physical mail has to be mailed to a central location where it can be received. Once the physical mail is received, it will be sorted and processed accordingly. Each piece of mail will be opened and scanned into the system. Typically, digital mailroom software will be in place so that when the mail is scanned, it is automatically converted into an electronic format then sent to the person or department that it is intended for. Once the physical mail is scanned into the system it becomes digital mail.

The Digital Mailroom

We mentioned above that physical mail is scanned into the system, then tracked and routed. In order for this to happen there has to be a robust software platform in place. The platform will be hosted in a centralized location either on a company server or in a cloud-based environment. The application will allow users and administrators to access it from anywhere in the world. The users that have access will have their own accounts and be able to access data and files that they are assigned to within the permissions of the administration portal. There can be mailboxes for individuals or departments. Each piece of mail that enters the system will be assigned a unique ID and will be tracked throughout its journey from reception until the final destination.

The Transformation

Transforming from physical mail to digital mail can take place in a number of ways. Typically, a company will seek out a third party that has expertise in the digital mail industry. The third-party will be able to assess the way that the physical mail is handled and implement a plan that will best suit the needs of the company. With the help of an experienced digital mail solution, all of the employees will be educated about how to use the new technology and how the technology will be integrated into any other digital platforms that are already in use. The first step towards transforming into a digital mailroom is to make the choice to do so.

Why Transform into a Digital Mailroom?

The benefits that are available to a company that moves from a physical mailroom to a digital one are countless. For large companies that handle a tremendous amount of mail on a daily basis, the cuts in costs can be in the thousands per day. Beyond the obvious savings in costs, there are other fundamentally beneficial perks to going digital. Security, efficiency, control, and employee safety are some of the advantages of having a digital mailroom. Will a digital mailroom be right for your business? If you are a large company that deals with a lot of physical mail every day, probably so.

Author: Steffy Alen