How to Handle Shift Handovers for your Staff and Employees through Automation?

How to Handle Shift Handovers for your Staff and Employees through Automation?

In early days, shift management jobs were done manually, such as shift scheduling for each employee, shift handover from current to next batch, tracking employee work hours, and breaks.Recording all these data manually by using pen and paper was so draining and often caused mistakes.

However, later came digital methods for recording all these details, such as excel sheets and MS word.Still, scheduling work was to be done manually only; a manager had to type down each entry and details, raising concerns of serious mistakes.

Many software companies are manufacturing automatic shift management software that has proven to be extremely helpful in efficient scheduling of staff’s shift and roles and shift handover.These software have in-built artificial intelligence system, which let the manager handle the scheduling work much efficiently. Let us see how these software and apps help the managers to handle the complicated task of scheduling and shift handover.

Auto shift Management Tools

Kiosk Tool

To manage a single-location workplace such as shops where a constant yet flexible way for a working team to clock-in is needed. A kiosk resembles a portable time clock that is perfect for stationary work environments because it can be set up in a suitable place that serves best for your location.

When arriving at the workplace, employees can enter a unique PIN at the kiosk to start their shift. This facility is an extraordinary option for businesses with older staff who do not use a smartphone. With the help of kiosk, employees can still clock-in and clock-out promptly. Along with the employee time clock, an option to capture personnel’s picture to verify, if the valid person is working each shift or not. In fact, this facial recognition tool is already in use in big hospitals, hotels, factories with a huge labour force.

The face recognition system is an effective tool to facilitate the touchless experience for the employees in these times of pandemic.

Go Mobile

You can check the weather of the city, rent an apartment, book other services from your smartphone so you can also track your working hours with shift scheduling apps. And an efficient shift management system must let their team, clock-in and clock-out using their smartphones.

Mobile time clock apps can geo-locate every employee at the exact time when they start and end their shift. It makes it easier for them to perform work. And as a manager, you will always be able to know their exact working hours.

With a mobile time clock app, the manager can collect detailed timesheets instantly and effortlessly. Employees can just clock in and out of the work during the shift from their smartphones, can verify their location etc. The app creates an automatic record of each break, work hours and cross-shift of the employees.

Accurate Payrolls

With the help of staff shift scheduling software, the manager can access to work detail of every employee anytime, anywhere. By having an exact detail about the employees’ performed work hours, the chances of distribution of unfair payrolls are reduced. Getting payrolls according to their working hours is a good initiative in favour of workers.

Surf the Web

The employees who haven’t downloaded the app or software in their smartphone may also get access to their employee account through the web. If an employee gets his phone damaged, he can still check his shift schedule by logging in through any device and be updated to his day to day schedules.

Employees through Automation

This facility let the manager be tension free from arranging a separate schedule for such employees.

Proper Distribution of Responsibility

The shift handover automation system let the manager be free from collecting each shift details and performed work manually as the software automatically collects all the data in real-time and make it available easily whenever required.

Knowing the completed tasks makes it easier to distribute further tasks to be performed by the next batch of employees. It reduces the confusions and repetition of any task which may be destructive for some industries such as chemical-based enterprises.

Engaged Employees

Before the commencement of staff shift scheduling software, employees had to spend long hours in line to tick their entry and exit of the shift, provide working hour details, breaks taken etc., but now they are free to fill their attendance from anywhere with the help of their smartphones. As their day to day performance is sent directly to the system’s records, they save themselves from working overtime due to any errors in the timesheet. These facilities create a fair working environment for employees.


The shift handover automation is significant change in shift scheduling procedure as it is efficient in saving a lot of time and enable to perform employee shift handover and task plan works with ease.

Author: Steffy Alen