Outbound Call Center Software Driving Insurance Industry Into Digital Era

Customer behaviour has changed the insurance industry forever. Today, a customer approaches insurance as a commodity using both online searches and personal conversations with friends, family and customer service agents as a guide to zero in on the product. Still 41% of the total insurance buyers in India prefer human interaction over online medium while planning a purchase, as per a PriceWaterhouseCoopers(PwC) report. This blended path of discovery has led to a change in insurance distribution model. Also, passing an essential function to customer service agents who influence the insurance sales funnel.

It is thus important to have a modern customer service center to drive business profit and value. We have distilled some benefits of customer call center here, read on:

5 Key Benefits Of Call Center Software For Insurance Industry

1. Handling Insurance Claims

Most insurers juggle a huge volume of customers, which means hundreds of claims are filed each day. A modern customer call center can help the agent to pull out and verify the claims guide in claim submission and reimbursements, as the case may be.

2. Aiding In Digital Sales

As insurance aggregators make it easy for buyers to buy insurance, often they are unable to understand the terms and conditions while comparing multiple policies. Once the customer reaches comparison stage, he needs just a push to pick up one from the lot. Customers agents act as catalysts here, giving the human touch to the digital process while closing the sales.

3. Reminder And Collection Of Insurance Premium

It is quite an arduous task to filter through all customer data and reach out for reminder and collection of insurance premium on time. The inbuilt processes in the system automatically filters through and sends out pre-set reminder mail and messages on multiple channels.

4. Matching Increasing Customer Expectations

With digitisation the customer experience has changed. He expects the similar experience from his insurance provider as that of an e-commerce retailer. To keep up with the changing customer demands, customer service has now become imperative and a distinguishing factor from good to better.

5. Improves Productivity And Drives Efficiency

An advanced customer contact center has benefits that trickle down in sustained value for business. From management of voluminous insurance buyers data to understanding their needs, the contact center reports can be a useful tool for the management to get an insight on customers. Thus, it helps to drive better productivity and efficiency.

Take the case of a leading US-based insurer. By studying its customer contact center interactions with service agents, the insurance service provider found revenue generation opportunities in more than 15% of contact center processes. Even though customer agents had lower volume than digital interactions, it was more effective in understanding customer needs for cross-sell, up-sell and moment-of-truth service.

The insurer undertook a process- oriented approach to systematically catalog, score and identify the highest- propensity interactions. Because the results were so impactful, the insurer extended the solution to cross-channel experiences.

How Hoducc Call Center Software Is Helping Insurance Service Industry

HoduSoft’s outbound call center software can help the insurance industry to drive both sales and growth. Designed keeping the needs of insurance providers in mind,  HoduCC promises an effortless omnichannel experience. HoduCC helps to empower your outbound call centers with customized integrations and cutting edge telephone solutions. You can easily deliver proactive customer support and drive business growth with the solutions. Its distinct functionality enables you to improve performance by systematically handling calls.

Special features of Outbound Call Center Software

1. Remote Dialing

The remote dialing feature helps to make or receive customer calls remotely without any hassle. This also aids in remotely managing and supervising teams. A very useful feature, especially during Covid-19 pandemic, when working from home has become a norm.

2. IVR

As an insurer, you keep a tab on the regulatory changes and announcements that can affect policy holders. In case of any such announcement, you can use HoduCC to send customized automated voice messages to your large customer base. The IVR system also helps in conducting surveys and sending timely reminders for premiums.

3. Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing is very helpful in improving a call center’s outbound call volume. It is an advanced solution that can help insurers generate more leads and increase an agent’s productivity. Used by many HoduCC call center customers to benefit by:

  • Predicting the availability of agents to take the next call and dial numbers on their behalf in anticipation of their availability.
  • Useful in providing agents with a steady flow of calls with little or no downtime.
  • The dialer utilizes Call Progress Analysis (CPA), also known as Call Progress Detection (CPD) to determine the outcome of a call. The automated system detects the call type and uses intelligence to only transfer the call to an agent when a customer responds.

4. Auto Dialer

Auto dialling feature helps to increase productivity and manage your resources effectively with auto dialling numbers. The dialer can help an insurance service provider to automate a crucial part of an outbound calling campaign in a contact center. It can fetch the leads from the database or CRM and call the number of leads as per the dial ratio. Once the call is connected, it will detect who is on the other side of the phone, a human or an answering machine or busy signal.

5. Real Time Reports And Metrics Tracking

As a dynamic insurer, you can have better control over the outbound calls by getting real time insights on call-connect rates, call volumes, campaign data summary, etc. HoduCC collates data to provide metrics that will help you to make informed decisions and relocate your resources to boost customer services.

To stay competitive and drive sustainable value, HoduCC’s outbound customer call center can also be customised as per the requirements.

Stay Prepared and Insured!

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Author: Steffy Alen