Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

Firefox Focus, the privacy web browser, can be called a free and an open-source browser. This browser is compatible with Android and IOS platforms and can be used on your mobile phone and tablets. You can use AC Market is you are unable to install this browser using play store.

Firefox Focus was developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation and has initially released on the 7th of December, 2015. Over 5 million user downloads this application until now, which proves that the browser is viral among users. Firefox is always a trusted web browser application to use since it protects your data from unwanted threats and stuff from the beginning you launch it to the moment you leave it.

More about Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus can be introduced as a fast and secure web browsing application; therefore, it is also called a Privacy Browser. You can always trust this application since it automatically blocks a wide range of unwanted and unknown online trackers and unnecessary advertisements that bother you while you are engaged. Firefox Focus helps you easily erase your searching history, cookies, and passwords so that you won’t be annoyed by ads and other unnecessary stuff. This web browser is always private and is a browser you can trust and work with.

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Features of Firefox Focus

Most of the private web browsing applications are not that easy to use. But with this web browsing application, the users can browse easily by protecting your data transmissions’ privacy. Even though it is free, you can always work with it very efficiently. Since it blocks ads and provides your data protection, this can be called the most reliable web browsing application of all. Firefox Focus is a next level web browsing application which is free. Let’s talk about its features.

Firefox provides you automatic privacy and blocks the numerous kinds of online trackers. There are no settings to set; all the things will be automatically set and makes you do your task without a single problem.

Firefox Focus private web browser erases all your history with ease. There will be no passwords, no cookies, and no trackers. This function helps you to get rid of unnecessary ads and web trackers.

This is a fast web browsing application that helps users browse faster than a regular web browser. When you browse from a standard web browser, there will sometimes be buffering.

Still, by using this Firefox Focus, you can browse faster, privately, and safely. You can install and use this browser on TV using Android TV box or Fire TV devices. You can use Filelinked, Aptoide TV or play store to install this browser on TV boxes.

With its latest updates, Firefox Focus has updated the Gecko View engine. Since this is another creative work of Mozilla, you don’t have to worry about its safety. This is an application verified by the Google Play Protect. So, there will be no chance of unauthorized access to your data.


Firefox Focus is a great web browser application. With its safe browsing facility, many users tend to install this web browser for browsing. After installing the application, you should permit access to certain areas in your device, such as Telephone, Storage, etc. Replace your web browser with the Firefox Focus privacy browser and experience the benefits.

Author: Steffy Alen