8 Best Terminal Emulators For Windows

Terminal Emulators

For a long time, there was always a need for an excellent command-line interface for Windows operating system. Therefore, many programmers and admins have installed third-party tools to operate Unix style and other consoles. But still, many users prefer to choose more customise windows terminal emulator to perform their work. Therefore, in this article, you will know about the most suitable terminal emulators for windows.

TTwin 4

TTwin 4 is a terminal emulator for windows which is developed by turbo soft. It is famous because of its accuracy, reliability, quality and other specifications across the various terminals and platforms. TTwin 4 offers more than 80+ different terminal emulations and several communication protocols to the users.


The MobaXtream is an excellent tool with myriad terminal options, and it is for those people who want to dig deep. It helps the user to set up multiple SSh taps, split horizontally and vertically, and other features. Also, it has all the Unix features, which allows the user to work comfortably.


Cmder is another popular terminal for windows operating system. The Cmder package was written in c++ and PowerShell. The official website of Cmder states that there was no other alternative in the market when Cmder was developed.


ConEmu has a variety of customising options. It was created as a companion with Far Manager; it is a file and archive manager which was created for windows in 1996.


The console is a very popular terminal emulator because it has a user-friendly interaction. The latest console update is with the windows 10 version. It provides all the command line capabilities, and because of its straight forward design, it hides all the complex customisation. The console lets the user customise fonts, colours, windows styles, transparency and many more.


BaBun has special tools and specs which helps both beginner and advanced level users. It also includes the package manager and HTTP proxying out of the box.

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Mintty is an excellent emulator only when you use Cygwin for windows shell. Also, Mintty is the default terminal emulator. Like other terminals mintty has its own functionalities and specialities, it has addition features too, such as drop and down, full screen mode, copy and paste, and theme support.


Xshell mirrors the presence of virtual console. This program was designed for windows, and in market it is popularly known as ‘Industry’s most powerful SSH client”. It has a user-friendly interface which allows the user to manage all the work and data efficiently. Xshell is also famous for its security and transparency. This program has auto update feature that downloads and install when new data is available.

There are hundreds of other products available in the market, but ultimately the choice is up to you that which one you have to use! However, the above mentioned are the top 8 best terminal emulators for Windows that you can select. Remember, always look for the features and specifications and compatibility of the product before choosing!

Author: Steffy Alen