3 Best Headlight LED Bulbs at SuncentAuto

3 Best Headlight LED Bulbs at SuncentAuto

Headlight bulbs Fahren HB4 9006

The Fahren 9006 bulb offers significantly brighter light that is focused and uniform. It has a pure white colour profile and consumes less power than the standard alternative, allowing for longer life and better performance.

These Fahren bulbs are some of the most powerful we’ve seen in the 9006 categories. Our testing shows that they are more than three times brighter than low-end bulbs, while also having a longer range that improves visibility in the field. We found the advertised brightness of 10,000 lumens to be accurate and very useful for riding at night. The beam of light produced by these bulbs is also uniform and without any dark spots. It’s clear and focused and helps improve visibility on wider roads and motorways.

Techmax 9006 Xenon Bulbs for Headlights

The Techmax 9006 bulb provides excellent performance, efficient features and best-in-class value for this category. These budget headlight bulbs have 10,000 lumens and are bright enough to match the best of the best. Throwing and covering the road covers a larger part of the road, which as a result significantly improves the visibility and awareness of the driver.

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We can state that thanks to the wider projection angle, more is visible from the side of the road. This means the driver can keep an eye out for wild animals or cars driving on the road. The colour temperature of 6500k creates a pure white beam that resembles an attractive xenon look. High-quality aluminium is used to manufacture the housing, which enables more efficient heat dissipation from the headlight assembly.

Hikari Ultra 9006 Headlight Bulbs

The Hikari Ultra 9006 headlight bulb is another good choice for high-performance 9006 headlight bulbs. They offer longer life, useful features and uncompromising performance. Brightness is one of Hikari’s strong points and it shows in these 9006 headlight bulbs. Producing 12,000 lumens of concentrated light, these bulbs far outstrip the competition.

Unlike other kits, this one shows an uninterrupted beam, without the unsightly dark spots that plague smaller headlights. A wide field of vision, more powerful afterglow and flicker-free operation mean you’ll get the most from your new headlight bulbs.

These bulbs have a colour temperature of 6000k, which allows them to produce a pure white beam that is both functional and aesthetic. It looks cool and also helps with visibility.

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Author: Steffy Alen