Taxi Blogging: 10 Blog Post Ideas for Taxi Company

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Are you a blogging taxi company searching for some blog post ideas?

With a good blogging strategy you can seriously increase the number of customers you receive via your company website. However, the posts need to be aimed at what people are searching for online, especially in your local region.

Once they reach your taxi blog, every single post then needs to connect with each reader and answer their questions, worries and desires.

With all this in mind I’ve come up with 10 blog post ideas all blogging taxi companies can utilise on their blog. With a little adaptation and creativity you can use these ideas again and again for different scenarios and topics.

The meter starts now…

Local events

Write about the local events taking place in your area. These could include things like theatre plays, festivals, movie releases, exhibitions, sport fixtures, concerts and museum shows. Anything and everything people will think of using a taxi service to visit.


People love stories. As taxi drivers you will have a hoard of fantastic untold stories just waiting to see the light of day. Who was the weirdest customer you’ve had? What was the funniest thing you’ve seen whilst driving? Was there an incident that shocked you? Bring all the stories collectively into a blog series.

Industry news affecting customers

Future customers are not that interested in internal taxi industry news. They will however read such news if it directly affects them. What government plans or business developments related to your work are going to have either a positive or negative impact on customers? Share your personal views on the news.

Most frequently asked questions

You know those enquiries you get asked every day? You’re probably sick of giving the same answers time and time again. Well, turn each question and answer into a blog post. You can then write in detail some of the ways in which your taxi company delivers the results your customers are looking for.

Transport updates

Has an unfortunate cow derailed a local train? Have bus drivers gone on strike? Is the transport system in meltdown? Keep people updated on the latest public transport news affecting the area, especially if you’re likely to benefit from it. Explain how long the disruption is likely to last plus some alternative routes, by road, preferably by taxi.

Charity work

Charity work is just a good thing to do, whatever business you’re in. If you’re not doing charity work of some kind, then find something. That’s because charity work also supplies great material for a company blog. You can write blog posts, with photos, demonstrating how your staff are helping a local hospital or charity

How things work

How do taximeters work? What’s the process of becoming a taxi driver? Who answers the phones? It might not seem that important but people do like to see transparency in a company. It builds trust and likeability when potential customers can see behind the scenes. Open up and divulge some of the inner workings of your taxi firm.

Taxi history and culture

The first taxis were horse-drawn carriages that first emerged in London and Paris during the early 17th century. Since then they’ve gone through an evolution of different designs and functions, from the hansom cab all the way through to the cars you drive now. Every country in the world now has them. Write a few blog posts showcasing some of the more interesting aspects of taxis.

Preparing for an event

Preparing for a job interview or a special date can be a nerve-racking or puzzling time. Provide some advice for people on ways to ease anxiety, properly plan things, organise details and get to grips with everything related to the occasion. Then pop your phone number into the blog post because many of these people will need a taxi to get to this important place.

Safety tips

Where in your city should people (especially women) avoid going alone at night? Share some safety tips for different kinds of people when out and about, whether after dark or during the day. List some of the places people can go if they’ve been mugged or attacked. Write about some self-defence techniques. You can interview a local martial arts expert.

Try some of these out and see how they increase not only your blog readership but also the number of customers you gain through your website.

Author: Nina Mdivani