How is UCaaS different from Business VoiP?

How is UCaaS different from Business VoiP?

UCaaS is essentially the next iteration of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) which is software-powered inbound and outbound calling. Similarly, UCaaS uses software to enhance communications for companies. As mentioned above, in addition to voice, UCaaS is built with an omnichannel approach in mind that is designed to increase the speed and manner that companies can communicate via messaging, video, calling, click to call feature and other communication applications.

While business VoIP services started the internet-based communication trend, UCaaS platforms are set to enable the next frontier of communication.

How do UCaaS Platforms Charge?

When comparing UCaaS to an on-premises communication network, UCaaS will be significantly more affordable, but businesses should still be aware of the costs associated. Some of the different costs associated with purchasing and implementing a UCaaS are:

Licenses – Platforms will have different levels of access or a different number of users associated with a license level. The size and needs of an organization will drive the licensing costs.

Connection – A strong internet connection to reliably interact with cloud-based applications. Depending on the size and location of an organization these costs can vary.

Devices – This used to be code for desk phones. However, in 2021 each employee may need a phone, headset, laptop, mobile phone, web camera etc. These costs can quickly add up, but are also vital to the omnichannel communication aspect of UCaaS.

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Additional Charges – Integrating applications into the UCaaS system may incur development charges, licensing charges on other software (Zoom, Teams, CRM) etc.  

Making the Switch to UCaaS

In recent years many SMBs and enterprise-grade companies have seen the upside of switching to a unified communications software to power their internal and external communication. By leveraging integration with industry leading applications, companies can curate a communication hub that allows their customers to interact in their desired manner. As communication continues to evolve rapidly, flexibility and agility are important to keep costs down without shutting certain customers out. If you’re sold on UCaaS but need help finding the perfect solution, contact TelcoSolutions.

When choosing a UCaaS solution business owners and IT directors often find themselves overwhelmed. Working with an organization, like TelcoSolutions, helps companies navigate the confusing jargon and find the solutions and price points that work for an organization’s specific needs. With TelcoSolutions companies can compare UCaaS features, ensure a system will have a smooth transition to a cloud environment, find an easy-to-manage solution and place an emphasis on integration to applications used by the company.

Take your SMB communication to the next level by finding the perfect UCaaS solution to enable meaningful omnichannel communication with customers.

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Author: Steffy Alen