How Construction Technology is Saving Time and Money

How Construction Technology is Saving Time and Money

The construction industry is perhaps among the last ones to adopt technological advancements, ranking below agriculture perhaps. Nevertheless, the construction industry is venturing out on novel advances that do not require much brute strength but rely on technical prowess. Over the years, many firms are taking to drones and robots for enhancing productivity on construction sites.

Technology: The Road Ahead

In New York, technology has allowed the development of smart speed bumps. These are platforms installed on the walkways and pavement, entrance, or private roads for procuring the kinetic energy that the passing vehicles produce. The technology within these bumps allows regeneration of the energy into electricity and saves it in recyclable lithium-ion power banks.

It is a matter of concern that the level of waste produced by a specific source is similar in power to 120 million domestic setups for the whole year. To stop this massive wastage, adopting construction technology has become imperative in all parts of the world.

Improved Planning

BIM or Building Information Modelling is becoming very popular in the construction industry and several reasons can be attributed to it. The 3D tool helps in creating a master design that everyone can refer to in all stages from planning to preparing and finally execution of the project. As a result, there are fewer mistakes and reduced confusion which finally leads to the completion of the project within time.

Tracking the Equipment and Materials

It is very important to have a master inventory and track down the usage of all equipment and materials. Even though it may sound like an elementary area, keeping the inventory updated is not an easy task.

With the aid of software applications, these processes are simplified by bringing everything under a single roof while allowing real-time updates to the inventory. Be it the road or building construction, being equipped with a perfect inventory prevents loss of materials which in turn helps in saving money in the long run.

Saving time and money in the construction industry

Preventing Safety Drawbacks With Automation

When an unfortunate incident takes place on the job site, it is not just a negative marker for the employees but also impacts the business’s bottom line. Today, technological advances have allowed safety monitoring a breeze while warding off common site injuries.

Drones are employed for this purpose almost everywhere today. It monitors the job site minutely and records video that reaches the management bodies. As a result, potential hazards are quickly identified.

Moreover, drones are also used for regular inspections in places that are hazardous for people working in. Such innovations also help in preventing injuries and removing hazardous areas. Most importantly, technology also helps in saving costs while boosting productivity.

Installing Speed Bumps

When construction projects are carried out in high traffic areas, it becomes crucial to control speed and manage traffic. But what kind of speed control would be suitable in such cases? Speed bumps are crafted to achieve a sudden reduction in speed and they typically range between 4 and 6 inches in height.

Installing speed bumps can lead to a 40 percent reduction in accidents caused by high speed. Also, as per the reports of the National Institute of Health, speed bumps allow up to a 53 percent reduction in the chances of automobile injury among children.

Integrated Software For Enhanced Productivity

Alongside the incorporation of software and speed bumps in construction sites, integrated software also allows collaboration with other technical solutions such as accounting, intelligence, and human resources solutions. This, in turn, spares countless hours that would have to be otherwise dedicated to procuring data.

Besides reducing headaches for the construction team, the time thus saved is synonymous with saving costs. This sort of solution prevents profit from fading by allowing a company to stay ahead of the hostilities and challenges.

The Bottom Line

If there is one thing that all contractors globally are looking out for, it’s reducing time and costs while amplifying productivity. Construction projects often run out of budget and fall behind the stipulated schedule.

This is definitely a great issue in an industry that has to come to terms with thin profit margins. As the industry is gradually taking up technology, productivity is expected to shoot up while reducing costs.

Author: Steffy Alen