Could Your Dream Career Lie in Cloud Computing?

Could Your Dream Career Lie in Cloud Computing?

We explore some of the perks to a career in the ever-changing world of cloud computing.

The modern marketplace has evolved to an interesting point in our history. We are in Industry 4.0 – the digitisation and automation of our industrial processes as a sort of digital industrial revolution. We’ve come a long way since steam power, and the next stage is to move everything into the digital workspace.

OK, so we can’t move everything online. We still need products and the means to produce. We still need goods and offline services like public transport and libraries. However, businesses have woken to the potential of the online world as a source of sales leads. We finally have a blanket awareness that the digital marketplace is our friend, not our enemy. Prior to coronavirus, there was still huge resistance in this area. Now, if a company doesn’t have a website, it is exactly as if they never existed at all.

The future lies in the cloud. Here’s why.

Cloud Computing is the New Normal

Cloud computing is an umbrella term we use to describe any computing processes that take place away from the initial location. So if I create a file on a client and send it to offsite storage, the storage is in the cloud. If I send an email for someone in another location to act on, I sent it to the cloud… you get the drift.

This way of working is integral to business life. It has become so factored not the equation that it is expected. It is seen as a sort of outsourcing. It makes good business sense. It’s also constantly evolving. If businesses want to stay ahead in their cloud computing processes, they need to hire the staff that know how to work those systems.

7 Ways to Level Up Your Career in Cloud Computing

Why Cloud Computing is the Ideal Career Path

Since cloud computing has become so integral to how the modern office works, and remote working is on the rise globally, cloud computing jobs are the new evergreen career path. We will always need web designers, web developers, architects, digital animators, and more. Anyone who retrains in cloud computing right now is putting their best foot forward for the future. You can find out who is hiring for cloud computing jobs here if you fancy a career change.

This branch of computing is driving innovation for future sales leads. The future evolution of the marketplace lies on the internet, not on the high street. If we want to make progress towards things like business automation, VR marketplaces and AI service, then we need to hire the people who can create those things. Right now, if you have the skills to build programmes on the internet or write code that can, you are the master of your own destiny. In the right company’s hands, you could be creating the software that powers the next generation of the global marketplace.

That’s not just a high paid position, it’s also an exciting vantage point to see what comes in next.

Author: Steffy Alen