Best Hybrid Event Platform

Best Hybrid Event Platform

Effective Ways To Promote A Hybrid Event

The popularity of hybrid events is escalating tremendously these days. It is not just enough to simply choose the best hybrid event platform but you even need to have a promising strategy to promote the event. The following are some of the ways that can help you promote your hybrid event:

Begin with a smart landing page

Initially, you will need a destination for the attendees to let them come to sign up for the event. There will be a “Registration Form” for people to sign up for the event. Keep in mind that the “Registration Form” that offers a little clue of what to look forward to will not convert.

What you need is an amazing, attention-grabbing landing page that hooks in the reader and makes them hit the register button right away. All you need to do is:

  • Design a landing page with attractive visuals and event photos as well.
  • Give event details, including date & time, target audience, and the agenda.
  • Include a quick, simple to fill registration form. (Ask only what is compulsory)
  • Make use of a convincing call to action.
  • Optimize for keywords that characterize the event and its location.

Boost the event on social media

Social media offers a person and often 2-way contact with the audience. Begin to get the most out of this by ramping up the social media marketing to put the event front and center.

  • Make use of hashtag, to pull the conversion together and make it simpler for the prospects to learn more regarding you.
  • Bring special focus on the advantages of attending, including networking with industry specialists, making connections, and even getting event swag.
  • Share the agenda, speaker details, and testimonials from past attendees.
  • Design banners for every social media handle – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – to bring more attention to the hybrid event.
  • Post every few days to reveal more details regarding the event.

Use pop-ups

It is even vital to market to prospects that are landing on other pages of the website. Bring pop-ups into play that will help to ensure that new and returning visitors to the website become conversant with the event. You can even make use of a sticky bar at the top of the webpage with a “Call to Action” that takes users to the event landing page.

You can even sign up the prospects straightforwardly from the sticky bar if you add a form field to it. This helps speed up the procedure and makes it simpler for people to sign up in seconds.

Send email updates

For event marketers, email marketing simply work wonders. Take advantage of email marketing for events and send out email blasts to the email list. These should give details regarding the event and instructions for registering. You will even need to send reminders as you near the event so you can stay top of mind.

So now when your partner or associate asks you why you should host a hybrid event, here’s a well-rounded speech for you.

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Author: Steffy Alen