4 Reasons for Modern Remote Access Security Benefits That You Should Know

4 Reasons for Modern Remote Access Security Benefits That You Should Know

Accessing web applications and software from remote locations in a secure manner has become more than important in today’s remote work environments.

While organisations use VPNs for remote access requirements, it doesn’t cater to today’s modern remote access security needs and puts the company’s network at greater risk of cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.

This is where a secure clientless remote access solution plays an important role. It makes it easy to access web-based applications directly and securely from remote locations without installing any client or client software.

In this article, we’ll see why you need such modern remote access security solutions for your organisation and their benefits. Let’s go!

Benefits of Modern Remote Access Security for Your Organisation

Modern workforce and organisations are no longer restricted to working from a single location since remote working has become the new norm.

Here are some major clientless remote access benefits for your organisation and its network security needs.

1. More Flexibility

While remote working was simply a growing trend before the global pandemic, it became necessary for every business and company to figure out a way that allows their employees to work from remote places while ensuring security and high productivity.

Clientless remote access allows companies to offer secure and blended working environments while eliminating the interoperability issues.

Its flexible usage makes it easy to leverage seamless integration of the desired software or application into the company’s existing infrastructure.

2. Remote Employee’s Security

Security can be one of the leading concerns with remote access and needs to be managed efficiently.

Clientless remote access ensures secure third-party access, allowing remote employees to access the company’s network and applications through remote access. Thus, instead of granting excessive remote access, you can grant access on a need-to-know basis and ensure maximum network security.

Thus, granular access control and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allows only authenticated employees and users to access applications, which is one of the biggest remote access security advantages.

3. Reduced Support Costs

Besides reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs, remote access also reduces the support costs for internal IT teams and management to assist customers.

Secure remote access allows small to medium-sized businesses and companies to provide their IT employees and contractors the power to support and troubleshoot customer queries.

As the simplified user access makes accessing web-based portals a breeze, your IT teams can easily access a specific client’s device without previous installation and offer the necessary support and assistance in a matter of minutes.

This clientless remote desktop access helps save your customers’ and employees’ time, making them resume working remotely with quick resolution of issues.

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4. Effective Training And Collaboration

Collaboration can be a challenge with remote working. Clientless remote access facilitates the smooth functioning of collaborative projects, making it easier for multiple employees and teams to control and use a single device.

It’s also of greater benefit if you want to use a specialist or expensive software. You can easily install the software on specific shared devices instead of all the devices and make it accessible to employees who need the software. This helps reduce the individual license cost.

You can also use applications that facilitate new employee training, explaining the working and accessing systems in real-time to new members.


Remote access in this work-from-home era is the need of the hour, and ensuring high security is of the utmost importance to minimise security breach risks, lower costs, and ensure higher employee productivity.

So, if you want to make the best use of secure remote access benefits for your organisation, check out InstaSafe Zero Trust Security and clientless remote access solution for a secure and simplified web-based remote application access.

Author: Steffy Alen