Why Is It Important For Businesses To Have A Responsive Website Design

Most of us do remember the times when the Internet could only be accessed using a desktop or a laptop. Well, these times are long gone, as people now make use of their Smartphone, tablets or even TVs to browse through the Web and access the desired information whenever required. What does this mean? This indicates that your website will be viewed in a variety of ways and will be accessed on different screens, so businesses must design it in a way that every user could easily browse the information they are looking for. You certainly are not going to design a website for each device available on the market, just to ensure that everyone gets what they are searching for. There is a much simpler and robust solution to this and it is called as responsive design.Businesses

The Not Very Bright Aspects

Web users have very low patience levels specially when it comes to the loading speed of websites. In order words, they will click away to another website if a particular one takes too long to load. More precisely, sites that take more than 5 seconds to load are marked as slow, and thus, are undesirable. Around 40 percent of the Web users will do so, therefore, it is imperative for businesses to ensure they have a website design that loads promptly. Moreover, about 70 percent of them will get rid of the emails that cannot be properly seen on the screen of their preferred devices. Hence, a responsive website will not only provide businesses with a faster loading website but will also ensure that, regardless of the type of device a user opts for, the quality of the image will always be the best.

No matter what you do, do not disregard the significance of hiring a professional web design agency, as 94 percent of the Web users state that they would consider a site unreliable due to its poor web design. So, it is vital to hire the services of the best website design companies UK.

The Good Parts


As this point, you may have already understood that a responsive website design for small business greatly helps it grow. However, it is vital to determine how will things improve if businesses opt for such design? Just consider the fact that nearly half of the people with their age between 18 to 30 years use their mobile phones on a daily basis. This indicates that there are quite a lot of users that use their smartphones all the time. Moreover, approximately 70 percent of searches are generated using smartphones and help generate a call-to-action in less than an hour. This indicates that there are high chances of a web user to make a purchase while visiting an online store using their Smartphone.

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Author: Steffy Alen