What Does Automatic Identification & Data Capture Solution Include?

What Does Automatic Identification & Data Capture Solution Include?

Automatic Identification & Data Capture, also known as auto-ID, is a word that refers to a collection of interconnected technologies that identify items, gather data, and enter it into a computer system. Sensors, barcodes, QR codes, RFID, real-time locating systems (RTLS), voice recognition, magnetic stripes, optical character recognition (OCR), and beacons are examples of these technologies.

Auto-ID has been named as one of the eight emerging technologies that will alter supply chain models in the next decade, and it is already in use across a variety of platforms. For at least 20 years, the technology has been utilised in supply chains to eliminate tracking and tracing constraints and provide IT systems with each physical object’s specific identity and position in the chain.

Early users included Scottish & Newcastle breweries and retailer M&S, according to a 2003 research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cambridge University’s Auto-ID Centre. However, the field is continually expanding, and improvements in sensors, cellphones, wireless and camera-based technologies, and the internet of things are all tightly related.

How Does It Work Actually?

AIDC features data encoding – where alphanumeric characters are converted into a form that a machine can read; machine scanning – where a scanner reads the encoded data and converts it to electric signals; and data decoding – where electrical signals are transformed into digital data and then converted back to alphanumeric characters.

How Does Such Technology Help You?

Because of its versatility and cost, RFID is already a widely utilised auto-ID system. It is less restricting because tags may be scanned from a larger distance than barcodes. RFID may employ reader proximity detection to track the exact position of an item in a vast warehouse, automating formerly manual procedures and resulting in more succinct workflows and consistent business processes.

AIDC offers high levels of protection and accountability, reducing theft, contamination, counterfeiting, and piracy. Auto-ID is increasingly being used to track items and monitor weather conditions when paired with GPS and other sensors and data recorders.

Auto-ID might help in product recalls since it allows producers to track where things are in the supply chain. It also promotes standardisation by allowing supply chain partners to communicate product data information in real-time through databases. This improves shipping, receiving, orders, and inventory accuracy.

How do Organisations Benefit From It?

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom employs auto-ID to improve patient safety, clinical efficacy, and operational efficiency. Its system keeps track of patients, gadgets, and employees. Barcodes can be used to keep track of who performed a therapy or utilised a gadget. The code can also convey important safety information about a drug, such as the expiration date, which helps to reduce human inventory mistakes and improve stock management. If a device malfunctions, such as a screw in a hip replacement, auto-ID allows the barcode to track its history and determine which devices are more successful.



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Author: Steffy Alen