Web Technology Used on op-boost.com

The introduction of the internet changed the lives of billions of people worldwide. It has undergone a lot of upgrades since then. When the upgrade of the internet came, upgrades in the web technologies on which it is based created powerful websites.

Web technologies try to enhance the experience of the worldwide web. They tackle aspects such as web security, web functionality, web accessibility, etc. It will be exciting to see what revolutionary new technologies we can expect next. One particular website that we use for gaming op-boost.com, which uses the following web tech:

Markup Languages

This is a web technology that uses tags to describe the components within a document. The markup files aren’t complicated like programming jargon; instead, markup files contain simple words that can be read by anyone. Markup languages tell the web browser how to display the information on the websites for the user. The most popular markup languages used are HTML and XML.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language used mainly for the creation of websites. HTML5 is the fifth and newest version of the HTML standard. The development of the new HTML standard ended in 2014 when it was first released to the public. HTML5 has a whole list of added features to enhance the usability of websites.

  • Increased Multimedia Function

The new HTML standard supports the latest multimedia. Gone are the days of needing flash player to see website animations or interact with a website.

  • Mobile-friendly

HTML5 can integrate fully with all smartphone software and delivers similar results to native applications. Before you could not unlock the full potential of websites if you had certain phones (like Apple for example – the website needs to support flash player).

How HTML5 Enhances op-boost.com

If you have ever visited op-boost.com then you have experienced HTML5 in action. It allows visitors to easily navigate the website and facilitates a full multimedia experience. Because HTML5 was designed with the use of mobile phones in mind, it allows you the option of using your smartphone. This means you can use their website no matter where you go in the world.

HTML5 ensures that the website always knows what information to show when a certain folder is accessed by the user. It will prevent any commands not being executed. In short, HTML5 makes sure that users feel comfortable using op-boost.com

Backend Login

The website of op-boost.com uses a backend login system with password hashing. This may all just seem like computer jargon, but it essentially means they are protecting your passwords and information as best as possible.

Password Hashing is a process of securing passwords. It is better than using encryption-based methods because those can be reversed. If a hacker has the key to an encryption, then he can reverse the encryption and see the password. Hashing cannot be reversed.

Storing the passwords on the backend also makes them less accessible which is why boost.com uses a backend login system. The backend is accessible to the developers of the website who maintain and run the entire code of the website. This makes them safer as they can be monitored and controlled better.

When a user logs into the website they will access the backend where their password hashes have been stored. As soon as their password is entered in plain text it is hashed and the hashed data is compared to stored hashes and if they match it is authenticated. This way even if a hacker can access the backend, they cannot access passwords or data.

Why Trust op-boost.com?

  • It uses the latest in the HTML standards to provide a functioning website.
  • Your passwords are secure with backend login.

Author: Nina Mdivani