Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed By Coax Cable

Tips To Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed By Coax Cable

According to the research on Comcast’s national residential network, VOIP calls and Video conferencing are popular in several states. Weekend streaming and downloading have increased because of popular applications like Netflix and other streaming websites.

While network providers say that managing their Wi-Fi connection is in demand, the reason is that most of the user experience laggy network connections. It is noticeable in several cities because there are several data-intensive tasks to do every day, such as video conferencing.

Benefits of using Ethernet over Coax cables to increase network speed:

People are experiencing slow Wi-Fi connections because of the huge number of users. The connection speed on any device can be influenced by your router. Several manufacturers produce Ethernet over Coax cables that provide an alternative solution. The Cat5e plenum cable helps you pick up fast wireless internet signals no matter how many devices you are using. These cables attach to the latest routers that support faster Wi-Fi connections. The cabling helps you to increase traffic streams.

Some switches may support quicker Wi-Fi change and can do things like creating certain traffic transfers, such as work gadgets over the children’s tablets or business video calls. As the name infers, MoCA innovation in these cables conveys Ethernet signals in the home.

There are a few things that can assist you to increase your Wi-Fi speed. Some professional tips will support you to boost up your work productivity.

Tips to increase your wireless network speed by using coax cable:

1.       Run a Wi-Fi speed test:

Firstly, you have to determine what the speed of your internet connection provided by the service provider is? If the speed is slow, then you have to run a Wi-Fi speed test. You can inquire about the speed of the internet connection from any device. Simply go to the from your devices at different times during the whole day. However, if you use the internet for video conferencing in more than several devices, you need to check the speed level, which is highly comparatively for all devices.

2.       Secondly, Run a Pin test:

If the network is highly congested, then you may feel in several data-intensive computing applications. You may need to check the network level in applications like video conferencing, which will show you stutter or freeze due to various users and higher latency. Sometimes the delay in the communication level between your devices and computers can be shown on the website. You have to do a ping test to confirm the network latency and your network connection quality.

The ping value can be tested in the milliseconds. If the ping figure measures under 50 numbers, then the internet connection is good, but if it crosses 150, then you might check the network connection.

3.       Now reboot your router:

If you ever determine that your internet connection is slower than usual, then you need to reboot your router. Go and try to restart your router for at least two times. Sometimes the IP connection works between your home devices, and the internet router can get hung up. Due to this reason, internet speed may work slower than usual.

Go and restart your router to reboot the network systems. Restarting your router can include the rebooting of wireless radios and network processors. If you are using the latest router, then it has a reset button. You need you to hold it for 30 seconds.

4.       Try to move the network router in a perfect place:

If the network transmission capacity tests you did show dead spots in your home, then you need to move your remote switch? It’s not in the least strange for a Wi-Fi switch to be stuck toward the side of a house. Some people think that placing it in the wall where network signals enter in your home can improve Wi-Fi signals. That is the worst place to hang your router. Wi-Fi is a form of radio signals; radios have restricted range and, once in a while, experience difficulty entering the walls. It is valuable to move your router to a more focal area by running a more extended coax cable from your wall’s jack.

5.       Utilize Ethernet Coaxial Cabling:

Internet over Coax utilizes existing coaxial TV wiring that is used in a remote system in the corners of the home. Your home’s coaxial wiring turns into an elite Ethernet arrangement, giving you a simple method to associate your home gadgets or broaden your Wi-Fi signal. The gadgets can improve your system speeds by up to 300% over standard Wi-Fi. Well! It’s anything but slightly difficult to set up. You should associate a Coax Network Adapter to your switch and another to your media player to get a more dependable and super-fast Wi-Fi network.

Author: Steffy Alen