Things Everyone Must Know About Digital Shift Handover Softwares

Things Everyone Must Know About Digital Shift Handover Softwares

The interaction among shifts at several chemical and pharmaceutical companies is still done by hand. Between shifts, activities, duties, and daily job instructions are either spoken or written down. Ad hoc interactions, such as emails and phone conversations, may also contain information important to the handover. This can make the handover inefficient at best, and could lead to business losses or safety concerns in the worst-case scenario.

Handovers could well be simplified, more efficient, and more transparent with the use of digital technologies. Using 10,000 facilities working 365 days a year, researchers may estimate that the chemical sector alone in the United States handles several million shift handovers every year, according to a preliminary calculation. Thus, this process chain produces more than imaginable mistakes each year in the possible process chain. A shift change can be a time when mistakes can occur if essential talks, rules on compliance, or plant safety are not effectively communicated. More than 2m options exist to improve the efficiency of handovers. Significant morning sessions, in which diverse decision-makers participate, are a prime example of when this is very evident. Critical data should not slip through the gaps during this meeting.

To achieve flawless, error-free shift handovers, it is important to employ software-based solutions so that the complete situation is documented digitally, using a shift handover app,  according to a major suggestion. A transparent network of all players in the communication process may be created, allowing for audit-proof recording of all shift-related occurrences.

Building A Software That Is Immersive:

Most manufacturers realise that technology and digitalization are transforming the industry. Data collection and analysis in modern control rooms is becoming an everyday task, as production-relevant data is collected and evaluated. We are witnessing an exponential increase in the rate at which these changes are taking place.

Digitalisation Is Being Extended To Shift Communication:

The minds of those participating in the transition are still not tech savvy. Manufacturing and shift supervisors, as well as staff working at the machines, still depend on effective communication. It takes a freshly recruited shift administrator an average of 5 years to grasp how their department of the company works in a sophisticated chemical plant. Having such a lengthy amount of time is important for safe and secure employment.

In spite of the fact that many plant operations may already be digital, shift handovers are still often conducted on paper or orally in most situations. Der gesamte Prozess ist weder continu noch hochautomatisiert. Think about the massive quantity of information used for billions of shift handovers annually, and the large amount of information that ensues. Unbelievably, even firms that record shift information in spreadsheets still have a lot of useless data on hand.

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It will avoid essential information being lost and offer users with a sustainable vision of data transparency, greater productivity and improved plant safety by using software like an engaging shift recorder using a digital shift handover.

Everyday Challenge Of A Fully Functioning Production Plant:

In every organisation, communication goals between shifts must be defined. For illustration, if standard deviations happen during the manufacturing process, information about such occurrences is sent on to the next shift’s supervisor. Work that has not yet been done and falls into the following shift is also mentioned, such as pumping activities. Also, if the week before, the process engineer in charge of the shift proposed specific work recommendations, the handover might focus on such instructions. An example of this would be a morning meeting in which a large number of professionals from many diverse fields are engaged. As a result, meeting time must be used strategically. It is necessary to compile a list of all important occurrences, duties, and directions and to send it immediately to the appropriate recipients.

Communicating Via Email:

Email is a popular way for plant managers to interact with their team.

In most cases, the method information is provided determines who communicates what to whom and how it is transmitted. Many plant managers, for instance, interact solely via email with their shift crew. In order to keep up with what occurred in the previous few days, what’s occurring now, and what’s coming up next, shift workers must spend plenty of time with their mailbox when they arrive from holiday. Obviously, the whole process becomes much more complicated when an inbox is filled with numerous distinct mails with different versions of the truth.

Additionally, there are product supervisors, quality managers, EHS supervisors, and executive technologists who often have a 9-to-5 job at a firm, according to a recent study. Although they are not engaged in day-to-day operations, they provide orders to the work teams. One may never be sure if and how the last instructions were carried out in a timely manner.


In order for a shift operation to be effective, it is essential to have a well-defined and exact communication process. This can be easily achieved through a digital shift handover software.

Author: Nina Mdivani