The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In South Africa

The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In South Africa

Ever since the Dutch have established a halfway station on the south point of Africa people have been infatuated with this continent. For more than 300 years adventurers, pioneers, settlers and gold-diggers have found their way to South Africa.

During the Christmas season in 2018 almost 5,000,000 travelers have come to South Africa and this is substantiated by statistics South Africa. The majority of those people come to this country for a holiday. It is well-known that this country has a long list of exciting and diverse tourist attractions as well as 10 official world heritage sites.

The country has wonderful scenery and there are many well-known game reserves which is continuing to attract thousands of people every year. Here are 5 of the best tourist attractions in South Africa.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Kirstenbosch national botanical Gardens which is located on the foot of Table Mountain. These gardens are well-known for its diversity and the beauty of the species which is growing here. More than 1 million people come to these gardens every year. These gardens have been established more than 100 years ago and it covers an area of more than 500 acres. Only indigenous South African plants is grown here. There is a medicinal garden, a garden where useful plants are cultivated, a water wise garden, a Protea garden as well as a fragrance garden. There are well-maintained roads which is crisscrossing the entire botanical Gardens which makes it very easy for people to access certain areas of interest.

Us haka Marine World

This extremely popular tourist attraction is situated on Durban’s Golden mile and it offers tourist with a fun experience as well as world-class entertainment and lots of excitement. This attraction has been constructed on a 16-hectare piece of real estate and an estimated 1.5 million people come to see the wonders of uShaka marine world every year. uShaka Sea World is actually an underground aquarium which has been professionally designed to include numerous shipwrecks. This wonderful theme park is in fact the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere. When considering the volume of water involved uShaka marine world is the fifth largest aquarium in the world.

Kruger National Park

This is one of the largest national parks on the planet because from its North border down to its South border is a distance of 360 km. From west to east the park is 65 km across. More than 2 million travelers come to this beautiful park every year. The Kruger national Park has been in existence since 1898 and it continues to be the most important of all the national parks in South Africa and it also consistently provides a wildlife experience which continues to provide visitors with one of the best wildlife experiences on the planet. The park is ecological wonder which is home to a large number of species. There are 147 mammals, 507 birds, 114 reptiles, 34 amphibians, 49 fish and 336 tree species.

Table Mountain

The second most visited place in South Africa is the beautiful Table Mountain. This mountain has been a beacon to seafaring vessels for centuries. It is one of the first things which people will see when approaching Cape point by sea. This is why it continues to be the most iconic landmark in South Africa and according to statistics it is also the most photographed attraction. The entire area is part of the Cape floral region world heritage site and the mountain is also one of the natural new seven wonders of the world. This mountain consistently attracts more than 4 million people annually.

The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In South Africa

V&A Waterfront

The most visited tourist attraction in South Africa is the Victoria and Alfred water front. It is located in the oldest operating harbor in existence in the southern hemisphere. Statistics show that this area continues to be one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in this country. On average more than 24 million people pass through the water front. This development covers 123 hectares and there are commercial, residential and other properties including hotels, entertainment facilities, tourism landmarks, upmarket dining venues, heritage sites and retail stores. Naturally it also helps to have Table Mountain in the background and there is also the two oceans aquarium as well as the Zeitz Museum of contemporary art.

Author: Steffy Alen