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The curved Comoy’s with serifs and apostrophe may have been continuing for a short time following the conflict

The curved Comoy’s with serifs and apostrophe may have been continuing <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">heated affairs mobile</a> for a short time following the conflict

Comoy’s Name

1900 to about 1919. Typically, the Comoy’s identity can be present a signed up with moving program canted forward, with an extended tail operating back from under the a€?Sa€? to below the a€?C.a€? You can find, however, 2 pipelines in 1909 list in which Comoy’s doesn’t have a tail whatsoever. In addition bring examples between 1913 to 1919 the spot where the Comoy’s name’s however in identical signed up with flowing script, canted onward but with a short tail operating forwards from the bottom for the a€?Ya€? to according to the a€?S.a€?

From about 1917 to the end of the 1930s, the somewhat extravagant a€?Comoy’sa€? is available stamped in a bend, in upper case software with serifs, apostrophe prior to the a€?S,a€? plus the a€?Ca€? larger than additional emails. You will find an a€?Old Bruyerea€? stamped because of this that’s simply post-war. Water pipes can also be discover utilizing the label stamped throughout the top of the stalk as apposed to along the area.

My gold-banded example drops into these kinds

During the 1940s, not so many pipelines had been made, but simply after WW II, in 1945 or somewhat later, the a€?Comoy’sa€? stamp was changed through the curve to a straight line.

Through the 1950s, the Comoy’s stamp are available in three variations: (1) a straightforward block-letter style without serifs however with the C bigger than one other characters in addition to apostrophe prior to the a€?s.a€? (2) going back to your somewhat more fancy block emails with serifs and the apostrophe. (3) an easy block-letter preferences without serifs and with no apostrophe and with the a€?Ca€? alike size given that remainder of the characters. I do not believe this stamp was applied for a long time.

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