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The Challenge of Converting Oracle Forms to ADF

The Challenge of Converting Oracle Forms to ADF

Ever since JDeveloper 3.0 was released, there have been many questions regarding the conversion of Oracle files to ADF. Even after several years, there are still many challenges regarding the conversion of Oracle Forms to ADF. There is no standard way for these files conversions and what may be simple in one environment may be very difficult in another atmosphere.

There are certain things about Oracle that makes it difficult to convert them. Here is a list of some of these unique features.

The challenges discussed above have not slowed down converter companies. Several converters have been available over the years. Converters that work take a similar pattern which includes the following.

Even though there are challenges when migrating from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF, there are ways through which you can migrate with ease. Integritas Solutions provides a simple and stress-free way of migrating directly to ADF. You will need to use the ADF Faces user interface: this forms part of the Oracle ADF Application. This user interface provides easy access to development components of the software. It also bridges the gap between the two software. The ADF Faces user interface will allow you to be able to access Oracle Forms within the ADF user interface. This will make it easy to successfully migrate from Oracle Forms to ADF.

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