SEO Writing Beyond The Keywords – What Else To Think About

It is well-known that one of the most popular ways to enhance your rankings in search engines Vortex live is getting backlinks through guest posting. However, guest posting has the downside of being expensive when you want to reach good sites. Thus, many SEOs or online marketing workers try to reduce the price by not giving the text the attention it deserves. Sometimes they just write it themselves in a few minutes and most of the times (even worst) they hire a poor writer to put together about 300 words.

So they eventually have a very poorly written article in a website that people may find when looking in search engines. They have their link, and they do not care about what is said in the article. What about the readers? What is the image that you are giving with an article with misspelled words? Besides if you are a company working keywords, you have to enhance your image as an expert regarding those keywords. If you publish a bad article, your company won’t look trustful.

Backlinking is not just about the links, but also about media exposure. So if you want to get good articles published you should follow these tips:

  1. Once you have decided your keywords think about topics in which you can naturally enter them.
  2. Give to the writer a good briefing explaining:
  3. Where you will publish the article
  4. What is exactly what your business does?
  5. What level of commercial or informational tone you want
  6. Hire a native. Do not choose someone that has studied the language for many years because they still make mistakes. This is only justified if that writer is a real expert on your topic.
  7. Do not choose someone native that is very cheap. Most natives are not able to write good enough. Aren’t you aware that even within university students many people have troubles to write a coherent text? Face it, you need a professional.
  8. Always read the article before send it to publish.

Branding is very important for all kind of businesses. Do not forget that every time you are publishing something out there, you are doing branding. So if you spent time an effort on a website that looks good, a nice looking logo and so on, do not spoil it with your guest posts.

I am a Spanish copywriter and one of the most common messages I receive is someone saying “My client is very demanding and has rejected the article we provided, can you check and improve it?”

I have to say that every time I have received that message the client wasn’t being very demanding. The text just was awful. Some agencies are used to clients that don’t care about the quality of articles, and when they face a client that wants to be informed and get a good service, they need to hire someone new.

I understand a professional writer may be slightly more expensive than a university student, but you will save time because the text will be good from the beginning and your public image will be better.

Moreover, if you work on SEO I’m sure you know Google and all the other search engines are giving more and more importance to quality. If your company is professional, hire a professional!

Author: Nina Mdivani