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Seo At Home: Here Is How Small Business Can Work On Their Seo

Small Business

Most small business owners ignore the need for SEO for their business after assessing the amount of  research, time, and money required for a successful SEO strategy. While there is no denial of the fact that SEO can be complicated, it is crucial for business, especially small businesses.

SEO acts as the base of a small business trying to reach its targeted customers, and without a strong foundation, no business can prosper in accomplishing its marketing and sales goal.

The reason why SEO is crucial for small businesses is that more than half of all the traffic of a website is generated by organic searches. On the other hand, paid searches account for just 15 percent of a total website traffic.  Therefore, having a robust SEO strategy can help a small business earn more recognition and revenue from its customers, which is something paid search cannot earn over a long time. Instead, the audience often considers paid search camp distrustful.

As a small business owner, you might manage to put in your time and research into establishing a successful SEO strategy, but 80% of the small business fail in doing best for their companies because of cash flow problems. Well, to your surprise, you do not need to have a load of money to have good SEO for your business. Even simple business tools can help you achieve business growth in terms of SEO, which money-draining SEO analysts and experts cannot. However, to use these tools you need to learn the various effective techniques that help you in building an SEO strategy on a budget.

SEO in 2020

In 2020, the mode of working have changed for many businesses. Small business owners as well large enterprises have shifted to the work from home model to practice social distancing and stop the spread of coronavirus. However, this mode did not favor many companies who could not work on their brand’s marketing and SEO most effectively at home.

However, small businesses that quickly adopted to the changes that came with the coronavirus outbreak started getting back on their feet. Adaptation involved having the right high-speed internet service and essential to continue with work at home more productively. High speed internet service such as RCN Boston makes sure that you experience limited downtime and are always connected to your audience.

With stability comes the liberty to explore ideas to make a business successful. Small businesses that were initially reluctant to explore SEO are now more open to the idea considering everything has shifted online. If you are a small business looking to start with SEO, then we have listed down some of the “Do it yourself” SEO strategies. These steps will help you improve your ranking and hence your revenue through organic search.

Start a Blog

According to SEO tribunal, companies that have blogs get 97% backlinks as compared to companies that don’t have blogs.

So, if you have a small business and you want your customers to reach out to you, then you need to have a blog. A blog helps small businesses extend their reach and also earn more traffic.

Moreover, blogs are the easiest ways to increase keywords on a website organically. Also, blogs encourage companies to create fresh content for a website, which lets to more crawling and indexing by search engine, and eventually increase in the ranking of a website.


Customers are increasingly scrolling on their phones, especially during this time when most outdoor activities are restricted. Consequently, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, search results for many businesses online have increased as people are spending their time more on their smartphone and searching for products online.

Therefore, small businesses on a budget need to make sure that their sites are well optimized for smartphone owners.

Take advantage of SEO Tools

Like we said in the beginning, many inexpensive SEO tools can help all business owners in creating a well-structured SEO strategy, but for that they need to learn how to use them.

SEO tools such as SEMrush are immensely popular SEO-based platforms that can also help business owners get in-depth SEO audit of their own and competitors’ websites. It also gives competitive analysis, keywords, backlinks and any problematic areas that can help improve the SEO of a business website.

Another option to go for is the Growthbar, an ideal platform for keywords and backlink research. It also helps business owners to understand traffic value and study domain authority.

Simplifying SEO

SEO has always been regarded as the “complicated” part of modern-day business marketing strategies. However, the time has come to learn about this crucial aspect in simple ways and to implement them without breaking a bank.

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