Learn About The Different Types of Toner Cartridges Available in The UK

Printers have become quite popular in both residential and commercial arenas. While you are making use of a printer, you must know about the operating details and printing tools which come along the device.

There are mainly two different cartridge types available, namely, the ink cartridge and the toner cartridge. It is crucial to make use of the right type of a cartridge or else it will greatly damage the printer’s efficiency to function effectively. Browse through Internet Ink – the best Internet Ink store in the UK for toner cartridges, ink cartridges, writing pens, and office supplies.

A toner cartridge is the one that is used in laser printers and comprises of a fine powder which can be charged magnetically. This fine toner powder is basically a mix up of different plastic elements, carbon, and black or other coloring agents which helps in making the desired image on the paper. A laser printer can be beneficial in printing thousands of pages using a single toner cartridge. Printing companies generally recommended using their particular cartridges to ensure the highest rate of functionality.

Different Toner Cartridge Types Available Today

It is crucial to opt for a cartridge that is attuned with the laser printer you own. You can even consider remanufactured toner cartridges that are available at a much lower price than the brand new ones. They are mainly four different types of toner cartridges available today:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges – It is expensive but the most preferred option. OEM generally refers to buying cartridges that are made by the original brand of the printer you are using. The key benefit is that it is easier to find and replace. Moreover, it comes with a warranty. It is convenient to install and produce top quality prints. OEM cartridges for all major brands can be found online.
  • Compatible Cartridges – These are generic ones, and made by a brand that is different from the manufacturer of the printer you are using. They are just like the OEMs, designed to fit a particular laser printer model. They are relatively less costly and do come under warranties. However, it is advised not to opt for a compatible cartridge by an uncertified company as it could smash up the printer.
  • Refills – Refill kits are also made available which allow you to easily refill the cartridges after reading through the instructions. This option is best for people who are on a tight budget and do not have any steady printing requirements.
  • Remanufactured Cartridges – These are basically refabricated cartridges. Once you have made use of the toner cartridge to its full capacity, you can send it back to the company. The cartridge will then be properly cleaned and then refilled before it is sent back to you. These cartridges tend to be eco-friendly and less expensive.

Having proper know-how about the different types of toner cartridges available today will certainly help you get the best one that caters well to all your printing requirements effectively.

Author: Steffy Alen