Know More About The Best Choir Mics

In the recording industry, some vocals and instruments are easier to record than others. Oftentimes, the actual challenge crops up like micing up a choir. Whether you just want to record your church choir or are a professional audio engineer, there are some products out there that are better than others for doing so. Before you move ahead with any, it is imperative that you look at the best Choir Mics and what styles of mic make for best choir recordings and live performances.

Mic selection is tough as you need to get the best sound out of it. The real challenge comes from the fact that there are several different sources of audio for all of the different voices that make up a choir. On top of it, they are all coming from different places. If you will place a mic at the front of a choir, you are very unlikely to hear anything from people in the back, and a beautiful church or kid’s choir will sound quite uneven. The right microphone and its accurate positioning will make the entire process a lot easier.

Check Out Some of The Choir Microphone Reviews

  • Shure CVO-B/C Overhead Condenser Microphone – The name is pretty much any kind of mic from choir mics to podcast mics, Shure would certainly be making an offer here. Their range of mics is nothing less than iconic, and sure enough, they have amazing products for micing up a choir.

These are generally defined as centraverse microphones. They are usually hanged from high above, have special stands which can do this or alternatively can be attached to the ceiling or even used as an ordinary mic stand.

  • Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Mic – The basic concept behind using a matched pair is relatively different to a hanging mic, the matched pairs are generally used for recording from above, and from different angles so that they can get a stereo array and fuller recording – which makes them extremely popular for not only choirs but drum overheads as well!

The Rode M5 microphone matched pair is an affordable option you will find available today. The idea behind having a matched pair is that both the mics have come off the production line one after another and are designed to be alike for sound reproduction. The usually drives up the price, and they can run into thousands, but Rode, a renowned mic manufacturer, has certainly managed to keep it great without adding a big price tag. You can always check out Best Choir Microphones Under $1000 In 2018

A choir happens to be one of the most difficult things to get straight for hooking or recording up to a speaker or live Performance. It is not anywhere near as simple as a single audio source or singer.

Using a mic which has been recommended for choirs can certainly be a lot more beneficial. Even if you are a member of the choir and not an audio expert, you will still be able to achieve great recordings out of it.

Author: Nina Mdivani