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How To Choose A Laptop?


Everyone’s daily life cannot be separated from the computer. If you think the old computer at home cannot keep up with the pace, you can buy a HUAWEI computer! If you have identified the brand, you only need to consider the parameter. The price of computer industry is transparent, so what worries people is not the price but the choice.

Before choosing a computer, you must know the configuration parameters. You need to pay attention to it when choosing a computer. Or you can easily buy a laptop that doesn’t suit yourself if you don’t understand it.

Processor Cpu:

The CPU will affect the speed of the computer. If the CPU is not good, it won’t be long before it gets stuck. At present, there are mainly Intel and AMD CPUs on the market. There are differences in algebra. For example, the eighth generation 7 and the ninth generation i5 are different. Many people will struggle with whether to buy i5 or i7. In fact, if it is daily office work, I5 is enough. The HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook 14 with AMD Ryzen 5 generation CPU is sufficient. If you are heavy users, such as large video rendering, buy i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 generation.

Gpu For Graphics Card

The main function of GPU is to process pictures and videos. It determines the clarity of game pictures and the speed of picture and video processing. At present, there are two GPU producers: Avida and AMD. Generally, everyone uses Avida. But now with the rise of AMD, its graphics card is not bad.


Usually when we run the installed software, the computer must transfer them into memory. This is to use its functions. Usually we store a large amount of data to be stored permanently on external storage. We put some temporary or small amount of data and programs on memory. The quality of memory will affect the running speed of the computer. Small memory will cause computer jamming. If the memory is too small, it is a waste to configure the best processor.

If you choose HUAWEI’s laptop, you don’t have to worry about the problem of insufficient memory. The standard DDR4 8G is sufficient for daily use. If the budget is sufficient, it will be better to add 16G of memory.

Hard Disk:

Hard disk is the place where data is stored. We divide it into mechanical hard disk and solid state hard disk. Mechanical hard disks have large memory but slow data reading and writing. On the contrary, SSD reads and writes faster. But it is more expensive. The new HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook 14 is equipped with a minimum of 256G solid-state disk. You don’t need to worry about reading, writing and running.

Heat Dissipation:

The stronger the performance of the processor or graphics card, the greater the calorific value under high load. When the temperature of the processor or graphics card exceeds a certain limit, they will reduce the frequency. The performance is reduced. The calorific value is reduced. To avoid this phenomenon, laptops must be equipped with heat dissipation components.

The laptop launched by HUAWEI is popular. The after-sales guarantee system of HUAWEI is well done. If you consider changing your computer, you may as well consider it.

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