Hey man, that white patched ring, maybe you have identified how to proceed along with it?

Hey man, that white patched ring, maybe you have identified how to proceed along with it?

It is not lichen sclerosis, We have precisely same thing aˆ“ I think its simply side effect of also quick/rapid stretching. My personal white band is far more visible on right 1 / 2 of foreskin. It isn’t a full ring, it offers like scratchy lines involved, precisely like your own within latest images. It is almost a-year today after my personal profitable stretching with skin tunnels plus it won’t be removed aˆ“ We have also you will need to clean it well with sand-paper and without having any profits. And so I arrived this long way with uncomfortable stretching the good news is I’m thinking about circumcision ONLY because that fucking white band aˆ“ it does not hurt or any such thing, i simply hate it for aesthetical explanations aˆ“ it appears to be like some fucking disease. What exactly is fascinating, that whenever We have flesh tunnel on and foreskin is actually completely extended, that white ring COMPLETELY VANISH! But when I grab flesh tunnel off my personal cock, in considerably subsequently hr, you will find this fucking thing once again, sufficient reason for every further time it’s progressively whitish and a lot more and more obvious. I really don’t actually know what direction to go along with it aˆ“ perhaps you have had some advice about me personally?

See a proper expert pro foreskin urologist. You should employ betamethasone solution two weeks on 14 days down from the ring, until it vanishes. It is simply scars. Scars mends. Trying to sandpaper aside a scar means the single many counter effective thing you can do. Its unreasonable. Do not bring other people any silly tips… o.o

Hello spouse aˆ“ I will be presently carrying this out now aˆ“ should you decide pattern on and off (2 on 2 off) can it eventually dissapear?

Been using the lotion for 1 week now aˆ“ a week going after that unwell jump-off it aˆ“ sooo want to know if it dissapears eventually HOWEVER I understand truly limited scarring therefore je loveagain zdarma perhaps a bit of it can never ever treat but that makes it least evident would-be great!

I’d sex with my spouse after about 5 weeks plus the next day I woke up-and had a serious pain at the front end of my personal manhood and bleed

Many thanks fore your facts. .i’m going threw the same processes i recently get one question?…how is your frenulum, was it brief, caught to the glan or other..if just how do you manage this case. ..I’m on ring 6 and observe that my personal frenulum is actually trapped into the higher part of the glan (short)and was actually questioning should you have exactly the same problem while just how did you repair it..thanks

Hi men I’m a 37 yr old male. Unsure any different, I’ve had almost everything living. I am consistently spraying when opting for a wee and in addition ballooning. Provides anybody else skilled any observeable symptoms like this? My personal foreskin is really so tight i can not even read a spec of my glans. My foreskin are red and seems a tiny bit aching. Kindly help.

I have just realized We have pinhole phimosis

Hi. I experienced this issue, in addition to a reasonable phimosis when I was more youthful. I happened to be capable stretch my foreskin using my hands (grabbing the tiny bit of interior foreskin epidermis with my flash together with outside skin with my earliest hand, and tugging), over a period of many years. My frenulum which in fact had already been really high on the glans either split from glans steadily as I stretched, or tore at some point (oddly I really don’t bear in mind aˆ“ I can remember the way it was actually earlier, though).

Author: Steffy Alen