Four Tips That Help You Work Faster With Google Docs

If you have been using Google Docs, you perhaps work a lot on documents with others. On the other hand, there are some lesser-known options that you perhaps not know about that can take your productivity and efficiency to the next level. Below are the four simple yet essential tips that you can use to be more productive using Google Docs.

  • Copy Several Items Using The Web Clipboard

Google Docs comprise a Web clipboard, which sends anything you copy or cut to a clipboard that is stored in the cloud rather than having one on your system. Consequently, you can keep various items and take the same clipboard along as you switch between systems. You also enjoy the option to paste the text as HTML or plain text as required.

To use it, you just have to highlight the block of an image or text, then rather than hitting the Ctrl+C, you go to Edit, Web Clipboard, and Copy your selection to the web clipboard. While you are ready to paste something, just select Edit and then the Web Clipboard, a list of items will show up that you have recently copied to the cloud clipboard.

  • Write As You Speak To Your Computer

How quickly do you type? As quick as you speak? Google Docs has another impressive voice dictation feature which can be activated by choosing Tools, Voice Typing from the options. Alternatively, you can activate this feature with the help of a keyboard shortcut. Just press Ctrl+Shift+S on your system and you are good to go!

  • Create Automatic Text Shortcuts

Google Docs is simple and does not require much in terms of configurations, so you perhaps not have noticed the automatic text shortcut feature that is hidden behind the Preferences option that comes under the Tools. Some of the vital examples of shortcut are already included such as turning the “(c)“ into the copyright sign. Such shortcuts could certainly save you a lot of time while typing if for instance, you want to replace ‘1/4’ with a fraction sign, you can complete it using the superscript in Google Docs. There are no limitations on how many you can have or which ones you can make use of, just feel free to adapt the features that suit you the most.

  • Look For The Typos Instantly

No matter how much you avoid them, typos do slip into the content every now and then; however, Google Docs makes it easier for you to jump between them using several keyboard shortcuts. With Ctrl+’ or Ctrl+; you could easily jump to the previous or next misspelled work in the document.

Author: Steffy Alen