3 Things You Might Be Neglecting in Your Office that is Affecting Your Work Productivity

Productivity is a crucial aspect of the growth of your business. And one of the things that can affect office productivity is your office design.

Here are three everyday things that you might be neglecting in your office design, which, if given attention to Business Summit , can impact your office productivity.

1. Lighting

A good office lighting is crucial especially when your work requires a significant amount of time staring at a computer screen.  In fact, poor lighting can lead to low productivity and low concentration which in turn can cause high work error rates. Poor lighting can also cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS symptoms include itchy eyes, headaches, blurry vision, and trouble sleeping.

To improve your office lighting, opt for natural light. Natural light is the best option when it comes to lighting. Studies have shown that natural lighting has a positive effect on a person’s mood and behavior, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and then productivity.

Natural light is not always accessible in every office due mainly to the office layout and absence of windows. In this case, choose artificial lighting that can mimic the natural light. Artificial light can come in the form of overhead lighting, corrective lighting, task lighting or ambient lighting. It’s advisable to research on what option is the best for your office as each type of light can either be useful or detrimental to your office productivity.

2. Desk Ergonomics

Desk ergonomics is also a crucial but often ignored office aspect that has a significant effect on your productivity. As most of the office time is spent sitting at the desks every day, an excellent desk ergonomics is a useful investment not only to your productivity but also to your health.

A correct chair posture, an adequate computer monitor to user spacing and proper desk height, are all proper desk ergonomics. With more and more studies focusing on office ergonomics, much ergonomic equipment is available in the market, from an ergonomic chair to an ergonomic mouse. Online tools are also available to help you quickly design your ergonomic office desk.

3. Office Space

Cramped and improperly designed office spaces can limit your creativity and negatively affect your work productivity. Even a large office space will give that confined and distracted sensation if you have a cramped surrounding. But with proper planning and design, even a small office space be transformed into an ideal workspace that will inspire and motivate your work productivity.

There are many space saving ideas you can incorporate into your workplace. You can maximize your office’s vertical space with shelves that extend up to the ceiling. You can also save space by combining individual pieces of equipment into one. An example of advance business solutions that will maximize your space is equipment that combines a printer, scanner, and photocopier into one.

Sometimes, that cramped feeling is usually because of an untidy workspace. Learn to tidy up once in a while not only on your physical desk but also on your computer desktop. Throw away that useless stuff on your desk, delete unused icons on your computer desktop and donate equipment that is not needed anymore. This way, you can remove office distractions and focus on what you should be doing.

Author: Nina Mdivani