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Samsung All Set To Please The European Market: Galaxy S III Mini Unveiled

Galaxy S III Mini vs Galaxy S III

Samsung Electronics, the Korea based electronics and telecommunications giant have now come up with a mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S III the flagship phone of the company. The phone is to be launched on 11th October in Germany. Sources have reported that this phone has been specifically targeted for the European market segments. Samsung has been continually adapting to the changing trends in different markets of the world. With the already successful range of S series comprising of S, S II and S III, Samsung is taking a leap ahead from another android competitor with a middle segment phone in the form of Galaxy S III Mini. Continue reading

Samsung Vs. Apple Patent Case: Round 2 Begins

Samsung Vs. Apple

The two tech giants, Samsung and Apple suing each other for patent infringement is included in most discussions among techies. Even those who don’t bother to watch what’s happening, have to watch Samsung’s ads trying to show iPhone 5 as inferior compared to its Galaxy Note. When a verdict is passed and things seemingly cool down, there starts another war in a few days. Both, Samsung and Apple have grown into enormous giants that they now want to slay the rival and rule the future. The verdict that ordered Samsung to pay almost $1.05 billion to Apple has served a strong blow to Samsung. There have been hilarious rumors spreading about Samsung that it sent 30 trucks filled with 5 cent coins to pay the $1.05 billion to Apple. Though it was soon announced that it was just a troll against Samsung, it became so very popular that many media firms reported it as the latest news. Continue reading

What To Expect From Samsung’s Series 7 Slate PCs?

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Lee Byung-Chull founded a small trading company in South Korea with 40 employees under him in 1938. The main sources of business were groceries and their signature was the noodles they made. Though the business prospered, he was forced to close it down during the Korean War. The War was a temporary glitch to his thirst for challenges. He then went ahead and prospered in the cotton business. He had a vision of making his company a leader in multiple enterprises. His dream did come true and his company, Samsung stands tall in world business today. Continue reading

Apple’s Victory Causes Samsung’s Shares To Fall


The verdict on the patent dispute between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics came out in favor of Apple Inc. The verdict caused concerns about the South Korean giant’s Smartphone business. As a result, the shares of Samsung Electronics fell down by more than 7%, wiping $12 billion off its market value. The verdict brought great benefits for Apple, as its Shares went up 2% at $676.71(all-time high is $680.87). The victory strengthened the position of Apple just before the launch of iPhone-5 and could empower its dominance in the market, since firms using Google’s Android OS may be forced to look at design changes. Smartphone business is Samsung’s biggest cash cow, and hence it is all set to contest. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Is It Worth The Hype?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

One of the popular electronics companies in the world is the Samsung. The company is based in South Korea and is formerly known in manufacturing electronic appliances like televisions. Lately, they expanded their products in manufacturing computers specializing in notebooks and laptops. Their success in manufacturing computers made them decide to venture in mobile phone manufacturing. Recently, they have launched the series of Samsung Galaxy S making them in the spotlight of a tablet PC and Smartphone manufacturing industry.

Being successful in the launching of the tablet PCs, they had launched the newest product that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that is considered as a hybrid due to its functions of a tablet PC and mobile phone. This device is very convenient to bring along because of its size but is giving amazing functions. Continue reading

Apple Vs Samsung – Let The Games Begin

Apple Vs Samsung

It’s the big one, the jury selection has started for what promises to be one of the biggest legal battles seen in the world of technology ever. With billions of dollars at stake these two mobile giants account for more than half the sales of smart phone across the world, that’s a lot of iPhones and Galaxy’s floating around!

Apple were the first to throw a hissy fit by issuing a lawsuit to Samsung last year to which Samsung responded by launching their own countersuit right back. These two have spent the past year snipping at one another, now with various countries banning sales of various products and smaller court room battles this proves to be one of the largest court battles ever seen. The level of details and technical specifications of the intellectual property rights alone will make this an incredibly complicated trial and with no offense meant to the average American who will be sitting on the jury, some are calling into questions whether the level of technical detail might be too sophisticated. Continue reading

Which Is Which for Samsung Galaxy S III?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Evolution or Devolution?

Granted, there has been so much hoopla about the birth of the Samsung Galaxy S III: But can it really live up to tech consumers’ massive expectations? And does it justify carrying the expensive price tag around it?


Samsung has never been a frontrunner in technology design and style. It’s just not its cup of tea. Unlike the cool metal casing of some mobile handsets, Samsung’s prominent plastic cases come across as disappointment and not satisfaction from users. As far as I remember, rumor mills about the S III before its launch spoke of an S III’s ceramic back. Well, it never happened. Despite sharing the same magnitude of hype alongside Apple iPhone 4S and HTC One X, S III still doesn’t come near anywhere near those two Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: The Good and The Bad

With all the phones on the market these days, it can be tough to keep up with everything. Samsung has been battling it out head to head with Apple for quite some time now. In their recent commercials, you can definitely see a bit of the rivalry shinning through. The Samsung Galaxy S III is going to give Apple a run for their money; is Apple going to keep up and come back with something even more spectacular? Tell us what you think.

Samsung Galaxy S III

For now, sit back and relax and let us tell you about some of the neatest features this new Galaxy phone has to offer. You’re going to be completely blown away! Continue reading

Samsung Omnia W vs ZTE Tania – Smartphones Compared

Samsung Omnia W vs ZTE Tania

Samsung has been known primarily for its high end devices. However, with the release of the Omnia W, the Korean giant has set its sights on budget consumers while still providing some of the features associated with its more premium models. This year, ZTE unleashed its own take on the budget smartphone with the Tania. The following is a comparison of the two offerings to see which provides the better value. Continue reading

Samsung Is Looking To Expand Their Own Platform With Help From Intel

Bada Tizen

In what could be a very smart move, Samsung has chosen to join their Bada mobile operating system with another. The second mobile operating system is called Tizen and is based on Linux, just like Bada. Read on to find out more on this platform shakeup here in this quick article.

Free Is Good, Especially If It Has To Do With Smartphones

The word “free” seems to be taking both the internet and the mobile revolution to higher levels. The Linux platform has become much more popular than in recent years. Now, no less than five mobile operating systems are created with Linux as their foundation. The most popular at the moment is Android, which has been used by Samsung extensively to become one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. The ride was a quick one to the top, since Nokia took a nose dive in market share. Continue reading