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Windows Phone 8 Update

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone maybe the underdog in the mobile operating system industry. Although it doesn’t have as much hype surrounding as it’s rivals, the iOS and Android, it does have a following that as been growing quickly, especially recently. With the Windows Phone 8 update, we’re seeing plenty of improvements, some that may surprise users and critics alike. While the Windows Phone OS will not be strong competition for it’s rivals any time soon, it is quickly growing towards becoming a solid contender. With their highly anticipated flagship phones, the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920, hype is building for the latest update. Here are some of the things we can expect from Windows Phone 8. Continue reading

The Surface Looks Like The iPad Killer For Business

Microsoft Surface

Is Microsoft’s Surface the iPad killer the tech industry has been waiting for ever since Apple first rolled out its laptop computer killer? RIM and Google have both taken their best runs as the iPad with varied levels of success, but have always fallen short of actually knocking the iPad off the top of the perch. The excitement surrounding the MS Surface seems to be enough that a Windows-based tablet looks like the tech world will finally have a tablet that can compete for market share with the iOS. Continue reading

Microsoft Contends With Google

Microsoft vs Google

As more people turn to the cloud, the competition among cloud service providers has heightened. In particular, Microsoft and Google have made their way to the top of the pack, although there is still a big difference between these two providers.

In May, research firm Gartner Inc. reported that one-third to one-half of all businesses moving to the cloud for the first time are deciding to go Google. And this report came after a 2009 prediction by the same firm that said Microsoft would be outselling Google 4-to-1 by 2012, which turned out to be wrong. In light of these reports and other circumstances, Microsoft has taken great strides to contend with Google in the cloud.

Hoping to better attract customers and decrease the differences between Office 365, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution, and Google Apps, Google’s cloud service, Microsoft not only cut its prices by 20% this spring, but also added a new cloud platform.

Microsoft has a number of platforms available to businesses depending on the size of the business and the basic services for which it is looking. After its price cut, the least expensive version of Office 365 costs $48/user/year. This platform does not include the entire apps suite (so users must purchase add-ons to run the full suite as intended) and is available only to businesses with fewer than 50 people. In contrast, Google Apps for Business, the most costly version of Google Apps, costs $50/user/year. Continue reading

Why The World Pays Attention To Windows 8

Windows 8

Microsoft has been making great strides recently. With the unveiling of Windows 8 and its following previews, it’s looking like Windows 8 is leaning towards a more user – engaging interaction.

What’s my take on all of this? Windows 8 will definitely look great.

Why is that? Let’s take a look at how they revamped their Windows interface, specifically Metro. This feature of Windows 8 has got to be the best feature of all, because it allows you to do stuff like you would on a tablet interface. You can pin apps, contacts and stuff, similar to how it does things on Windows 7.5 Mango.

With Mango, there isn’t anything bad about it. Even people who regularly lambast Microsoft Windows suddenly found a Microsoft product that they liked, and Microsoft hopes to repeat Continue reading

Microsoft’s Tablet Adventure – In Competing With Other Windows 8 Manufacturers

Microsoft Surface Tablet

For a long time, Microsoft had to sit in the sidelines while Google and Apple took over market share for software. But things have changed, because Microsoft has unveiled the Surface, a tablet that will surely change everything.

What is it anyway? This tablet (or tablets, if you will) is a big change of pace for Microsoft. They’re currently mum about the features, but it looks like the product is very impressive. Continue reading

Windows Phone 8: The Modernized Microsoft Gizmo

Windows Phone 8

Will this week start off to be another success for Microsoft?

Turns out, it probably will, as Microsoft unveiled its modernized Windows Phone 8 Apollo at its Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco. The tech giant announced the coming of its Surface Tablet Platform at a secret event in Los Angeles.

Time to sell used electronics? Maybe.

For its forthcoming mobile OS, Microsoft has announced eight specific platform updates. The New Start Screen was one of them while the others include hardware-related features such as the multi-core processor and a memory card support. It also features a revamped style of Internet Explorer 10 with shared native codes between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It has a near-field communication (NFC support), Nokia Maps, a new Wallet hub, and Windows Phone 8 exclusively for businesses. Continue reading

Can’t Blame Nokia for the Windows Phone Crash

Nokia & Microsoft

Everyone seems to have the same general opinion that the Windows Phone has lived up to its name and gone out the window, simultaneously complimenting Nokia for producing quality handsets. But then it is strangely ironic that then partnership failed.

The OS started out with a lot of promise; after all it was brought to you by Microsoft, a company that is known as the largest software company in the world but somewhere along the line a lot of things went wrong. Back in 2009, the company had roughly 20% of the market share of smartphone users which was a staggering amount compared to the 2% it sadly claims now in 2012 (Nielsen Ratings). So exactly who and what went wrong?

Where Nokia Stands

But what about Nokia? Anyone who has ever used one of the sets that the Microsoft Windows Phone platform offers can hardly say that the phone is the problem. Quite on the contrary, users of Nokia Lumia 710 or 900 have had nothing but praise to level at it. The advanced features, for example, which allow the user to operate the set and connect the Nokia Play To app to connect the phone to the laptop via a DLNA must be really commendable if just about any luddite can operate it without a hassle. Continue reading

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect

Apart from being the world’s leading search engine, Google is full with surprises on every corner. Have you ever thought about how combining Google Docs and Microsoft Office would be great? Just imagine the combo of Google Docs’ ability to store documents in the cloud and usability and features offered by MS Office. Not possible? Check again.

Google Cloud Connect, a free add-in for Microsoft Office, offers you exactly this kind of synergy. Google Cloud Connect lets you store Office documents directly to Google Docs. No need to upload anything, it’s all automatic.

Simple Installation

The installation of Google Cloud Connect is very simple. After the installation is finished, your Google Cloud Connect will become available to you as a toolbar found at the top of your MS Office. Every time you want to save a file to Google Docs, just click Sync, and the document will be saved and synced automatically. You can also adjust the syncing behavior to be manual, and have Google Cloud Connect sync only when you tell it to.

Collaborative Editing and Sharing Options

Google Cloud Connect for MS Office offers interactive multi-person editing options to the familiar MS Office environment. You are able to share, create backups, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and documents with your co-workers. Continue reading

The Undisputed World of Microsoft


Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest multinational companies of the world. It is one of the undisputed leaders of the world of software development and information technology. The company made its foray in the world of computing and development of personal computers and software programs in the year 1975. It is headquartered in Redmond in Washington in the USA. Presently the company owns one of the largest varieties of software products and services under its brand. It started with the development and marketing of BASIC interpreters and grew to becoming a popular name with their pioneering home computer operating system. it started with their popular MS-DOS followed by the series of MS-Windows. Till today this is one of the widely used and popular operating systems in the world. Continue reading

Windows Server Release Cadence

Windows 8 Will Be Completely Different From Previous Versions

Windows Server Release CadenceMicrosoft employee just posted details on Windows 8 on their blog, claiming it is going to be “completly different from what people usually expect of Windows,” and that internally, they’re calling it “Windows.next.”

Shown above is a leaked Windows server roadmap from a year ago, that marks 2012 as the year of a “major release,” with “codename – Windows 8″ mentioned. Continue reading