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Best Earphones for the iPhone

Klipsch Image S4 In – Ear Headphones

You can defend Apple as much as you want, you can sell your iPhone 4S for something new, or hate on all the Fandroids out there. One thing is for sure, if there’s one thing bad about Apple, it’s their earphones.

They come with the iPod and the iPhone. These white earphones, iconic as they are, actually sound bad. While they get the job done, crank them up to higher levels, you’ll get distortion so bad it makes amateur punk rock bands sound good.

Not only that, the equalization is bad. Treble is high, and bass frequencies are weak. It’s as if you’re listening through a tin can.

Now, we’re not saying that you should be an audiophile, but since you’ve invested in an Apple device that plays music, you should do your favorite songs some justice by purchasing solid earphones. In fact, you’ll realize that the iPhone is actually a good music player, depending on the earphones you buy. Maybe you won’t have to sell your iPhone 4S after all. Hooray!

Let’s take a look at some earphones you’ll definitely enjoy when paired with your iPhone:

Klipsch Image S4 In – Ear Headphones

If you haven’t heard of Klipsch, don’t turn away just yet. They’re a company that provides speakers for Alienware, one of the leading brands when it comes to gaming laptops. You know laptop speakers sound bad, but with Alienware laptops, you don’t have to plug into an external speaker. They’re that good! Continue reading Best Earphones for the iPhone

5 Brilliant iPhone Apps for Teaching Your Kids About Money

iPhone Money Apps

The iPhone and iPad devices are increasingly being integrated into education starting as young as kindergarten. Studies show that hands-on teaching and interaction creates a better learning environment for children. They are more likely to retain the information you are giving them. The iPhone has several amazing applications for teaching your kids about money. You can choose from applications that teach basic counting to applications that keep track of their account balances. Here are five brilliant iPhone apps for teaching your kids about money.

Teach Your Kids the Value of Money Using These Apps

Chore Bank [$1.99] Chore bank allows you to set up accounts for each of your children. You then create chores for them on the “Chore” screen. Each time they complete their chores, you add money to their account to keep track of how much money they have. When they want to spend their allowance, you hit the withdrawal button to remove that amount from their balance. Chore Bank teaches kids how to keep track of their money, how it accumulates through doing chores and how to subtract money from your balance total when you make a purchase. Continue reading 5 Brilliant iPhone Apps for Teaching Your Kids About Money

5 Essential iPhone Apps for Coupon Clippers

Coupon Clipper

Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone, is a wonderful device that not only keeps you connected to friends and family through calls but can keep you productive and organised. This is made possible by way of downloading apps from the iTunes App Store. For coupon clippers, there are excellent money saving apps that will help you to save money, and a good deal of them are free. If you are a frugal shopper, you should definitely take advantage of these apps.

Coupon Clipper – Local Coupons and DoubleTake Deals is a great free app that gives you tips on plenty of fantastic deals at stores right in your neighbourhood. It is easy to use and allows you to use a coupon at a store simply by displaying it on your iPhone’s screen so that a cashier can scan it directly from the phone. The app runs on GPS and also shows you the addresses of local stores in your area as well as their distance from your current location.

Coupon Cocktail – Coupon Cocktail is another free app that will help you in saving money. It allows you to sign up for a membership and gives you unlimited access to coupons from the top local businesses in your area. You will receive information on a weekly basis about all new deals, which is convenient and timely, freeing you from ever having to search for deals ever again. Continue reading 5 Essential iPhone Apps for Coupon Clippers

How Anyone with an iPhone Can Make Money with Apps

iPhone Apps

There’s an app for everything under the sun. Some are fun, some are silly and some are incredibly useful. They can help you get more organized, lose weight and find great deals. What you may not realize is that there are also apps that can literally put extra cash in your pocket.


This app makes secret shopping more profitable and easier. It requires filling out a brief registration and allowing the company to track your location. The phone will send you jobs that are near your location, allowing you to make some fast cash without going too far out of our way. Jobs include basic tasks like taking pictures of certain spots or making an alcoholic purchase and confirming if the cashier followed rules by checking your ID. Some of the jobs reward you with up to ten dollars cash while others will pay out a “streetcred” points that can be used to help you net more lucrative jobs.

Field Agent is another app that pays between three and eight dollars per job. The jobs may involve reviewing a company display to ensure that it’s right or reviewing a company’s signs. Continue reading How Anyone with an iPhone Can Make Money with Apps

The Difference In IPhone Performance Among The Big Three Carriers

AT&T vs Sprint vs Verizon

Those who own an iPhone 4s do not always get the same use out of them. Now that this popular smartphone is on three networks it is not good to assume it works the same on every one. This is less a result of the hardware, and more a result of the network it is tied to. Read on to find out some interesting information on the iPhone and its support grid.

A Small Study Was Done On iPhones And Cell Networks

The AT&T, Verizon and Sprint networks are not exactly friends with each other but they have something in common; the iPhone 4. Verizon was the first carrier to experience the Apple effect outside of AT&T in the United States. Sprint came along later, but they were not considered big players like the first two networks. Who is right when one says they have the most coverage, when it pertains to the iPhone? Some have taken it upon themselves to do a small West Coast study to find out. Continue reading The Difference In IPhone Performance Among The Big Three Carriers