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Siri Not Coming to Older iPhones


Siri has without a doubt been the most popular feature of the new iPhone 4S and, if some reports are to be believed, is probably the biggest selling point of Apple’s latest smartphone. Aside from a faster processor and improved camera the iPhone 4S does not offer a great deal more than the much cheaper iPhone 4. Most of the software improvements, of which there are many, can be obtained on older iPhones with an iOS 5 update.

Siri is the one feature that Apple had limited to just the iPhone 4S. Although a lot of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS owners had been hoping for a Siri update at some point in the future it seems that now their hopes are dashed. An Apple spokesman has said that “Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.”

Apple has implied on a few occasions that the reason for this decision is that older iPhones lack the processing power to deal with Siri. This is obviously not the case as Siri was previously available for all iOS devices from the App Store – and there are people who have managed to get Siri working on jailbroken iPhone 4′s and iPhone 3GS’. Continue reading

iPhone 4S Review – Siri Saves This Phone

iPhone 4S

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has released new versions of the phone every successive summer like clockwork — until this year. Throughout June, July, and August, tech enthusiasts waited and waited for Apple to send out invitations to the press to an “iPhone event”. Alas, nothing materialized. The delay only magnified the already hot rumor mill. Some reports stated the new device would feature a larger screen — up to 4 inches — to compete with those found on new Android devices. Others speculated that it would receive an upgrade to 4G LTE compatibility. Still others, fueled by early case designs by manufacturers in China, believed the phone would see a physical overhaul. However, when the device was finally unveiled in October, all these rumors proved to be false. The new iPhone, named the iPhone 4S, retained the overall design of it’s predecessor, while upgrading some internal aspects and adding some nifty software features. Continue reading

Which to choose – iPhone or Android Phone?

iPhone Vs Android

IPhone is something which has always been unique since its inception. But ever since the Androids have developed it has been the supreme power in controlling the smartphones market. There are various reasons why androids are having so much popularity over IPhones. The reasons are many and therefore all cannot be discussed in one place. So discussion is provided on the top reasons why Android is preferable to buyers:

Alternate Keyboards

Android has found the edge over IPhone because of the alternate keyboard that they provide. Nowhere will you be having monotony- be it Swift Key or innovative ones like Swype and adventurous ones like 8pen. Other these there are several other choices in case of Android. On the other hand in case of IPhone you are left with one only and if new one has to be used it needs to be installed or imported and even then the text characters may vary.


Android phones possess a great app that is not available in any other platform – the tasker. It is an automation program that is highly useful and can take the phone to another level altogether even without changing much within. The Tasker helps you in turning on and off of certain programs that are required to be done so at correct point of time. Be it the deepest and darkest thing Tasker will do it all for you. This is a great absence in case of IPhone which is lagging behind. Continue reading

Iphone iOS 5 Boasts Impressive New Features

iOS 5 logo

The iPhone iOS 5 is the latest operating system from Apple for its line of touchscreen devices. Users with iPads, iPod touches, or iPhones can upgrade to the new system assuming their devices are recent enough to be compatible. The iOS 5 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS or higher, the iPod touch 3rd generation or higher, and the iPad and iPad2.

Apple has revealed that the new operating system has over 200 new features. Users can expect that impressive feature number to include game-changing upgrades. It would be impossible to examine every single one here, but a few key features stand out.

One feature many users will be happy to see is that a PC or Mac is no longer needed to set up a device. Updates can all be made wirelessly without the need to plug into or sync with a computer. Users can take their new device right out of the box and get it working straightaway. Continue reading

Android – Iphone Killer?

Apple vs. Android

Google’s Smartphone, Android, is sometimes called the iPhone killer due to being the competition for Apple and its general performance when compared to the iPhone. The question of whether the Android is actually the iPhone killer or if the statement is just hype depends on individual phone preferences and what is compared.

The Basics:

The Apple iPhone has long dominated phone sales due to the innovative approach taken by the company. Many customers are faithful due to good customer service and constant changes that make the phone appealing to purchase even after only one year of owning a previous model of the phone.

The benefits of an iPhone have not changed much and the company continues to please customers with innovative designs and newer features. Continue reading

How the Pentagon Paid for Siri on Your iPhone

Top Secret iPhone

It’s easy to imagine that all these wonderful, cool, revolutionary or just plain handy gadgets were invented for us, the consumers of the world. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth; the most great tech ideas are facilitated with military money, and it’s always been that way.

In fact, it’s not just any military; the vast majority of technical breakthroughs of the last 100 years have their origins in the well-funded American defence establishment.

For a high profile and recent example, we don’t have to look any further than the latest Apple gadget to invade our high streets.

If you recently bought an iPhone 4S, you’ve probably already come across the cool little voice-assistant program Apple refers to as Siri. Well, the concept and software code of Siri originated with DARPA, the Pentagon’s way-out, sci-fi inspiring, advanced technological research organisation.

A California company called SRI (yes, California again ;) was funded by DARPA to create a project they labelled CALO, which stands for cognitive agent that learns and organises. Basically, this was a military-funded artificial intelligence project that aimed to augment soldiers and hardware with ’intelligent’ computer chips capable of listening, learning and speaking. Continue reading

10 iPhone Apps for Sports Fanatics

MLB At Bat

You eat, drink, and live sports. You can recite the roster of the Stanley Cup Champions but you stumble when asked the name of your Congressman. You spent 5 hours on a weekend night glued to your computer, drafting your fantasy team. You must have up-to-the minute scores, statistics, and otherwise.

If that paragraph describes you, and if you also have an iPhone, these are the ten iPhone Apps you must have.

Sports Radio by Intersect LLC

This is the best selling sports radio app for the iPhone, and for good reason. The app provides ready access to the best sporting events, all over the world. You will find audio feeds for cricket, rugby, and all the major American sports at your fingertips.

If you need to follow the score of your favorite team’s game, or see how the competition is faring, these are the applications for you:

MLB At Bat

MLB at bat is a free app providing up-to-the-minute scores, highlights, statistics, and other valuable information for the baseball fanatic in you. Need to know what the score is? Fire up At Bat. Have a question about who leads the league in triples? Question answered by MLB At Bat. Continue reading

Two Quick Fixes For Your Glitchy iPhone

iPhone OverheatingI’ve had an iPhone for a little over five months now and have never been happier with a phone in my life. That being said, I need to bring up the fact that I didn’t always feel this way. Around two months after I purchased the phone, I noticed the battery life was starting to decline and besides that, on apps I use all the time such as the calendar as well and safari were causing my entire iPhone to freeze.

Having not dealt with these problems in the past, my first instinct was to call tech support or to send the phone back for a new one. This however would be time consuming and expensive and I didn’t want to involve time or money in fixing what seemed to be simple problems. When I started thinking about previous tech devices I had owned, the solution to my battery life problem was found. Let the battery completely die and then let it charge up from 0 to 100% with no charging interruptions. I know it seems to be common sense but so many people forget to do this and it really does cause a problem with the battery. I still do this once a week and because of it, my iPhone will last 2 days on a charge. Now that I had the battery fixed, I still had the issue of my iPhone freezing up. Continue reading

Want 3G Data On Your iPod Touch? – Sprint Has Your Back!

iPodFor such a long time, iPod touches have been the crippled (and cheaper) alternative to an iPhone — bringing the iPhone experience (minus a few things) to those of us not willing to fork over the dough for a cellular plan. Now this is where things get interesting… Sprint is planning to create a “case” that brings 3G capability to the iPod touch.

Manufactured by ZTE, the case is called the “Peel,” and it’s essentially a MiFi-ish hotspot that grips to your iPod touch, giving it a network connection wherever you can get a Sprint 3G signal. I really don’t see a downside to this, as the iPod touch is already just as capable as the iPhone 4 for everyday things (and fun) but the “Peel” is really going to boost it’s value, and most likely increase sales. Continue reading

What Are Your Most Important Phone App?

Phone AppThere are numerous apps available for the iPhone, Android and other phone platforms, however so few important apps. What is the one app that you simply could not live without?

For me, it’s Instapaper. I use it almost every single time I drive the subway, and it’s allowed me to read numerous wonderful posts that I simply don’t have time to read on the internet during the workday. And with built-in sharing options and a fantastic editors picks listing (combined with the amazing Longform.org), it gives me with a neverending supply of great content so I always have something to read to the train. The only real downside is that it’s kept me from carrying a book with me, as that’s just one extra thing to carry. [Gizmodo]