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Where Is Google Investing?

Google is the undisputed leader in online search, but the company has investments which range far beyond its core services. The following are just a few of the projects which Google has put its resources into:

Google has invested over $350 million in clean energy programs, including wind farms in North Dakota, Oregon and California; this figure includes an investment of $100 million in what is being billed as the largest wind farm in the world.

Other forward-thinking projects which Google has invested in include driverless cars, a $20 million investment, as well as the Lunar X Prize, which includes $30 million from Google for the first privately funded team to put a robot on the moon by December 2015.

Google spends more on lobbying and campaign contributions than any other tech company, with a total investment of $10 million in 2011 alone. The company has also put $800 million so far into providing Kansas City, MO with a citywide fiber optic network.

Finally, Google has also spent heavily on its own online and mobile presence through the $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube, investment in the coupon site Retail Me Not, the purchase of the vacation rental site Home Away, the $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility and an estimated $700 million investment in its social networking platform, Google+. Continue reading

Microsoft Contends With Google

Microsoft vs Google

As more people turn to the cloud, the competition among cloud service providers has heightened. In particular, Microsoft and Google have made their way to the top of the pack, although there is still a big difference between these two providers.

In May, research firm Gartner Inc. reported that one-third to one-half of all businesses moving to the cloud for the first time are deciding to go Google. And this report came after a 2009 prediction by the same firm that said Microsoft would be outselling Google 4-to-1 by 2012, which turned out to be wrong. In light of these reports and other circumstances, Microsoft has taken great strides to contend with Google in the cloud.

Hoping to better attract customers and decrease the differences between Office 365, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution, and Google Apps, Google’s cloud service, Microsoft not only cut its prices by 20% this spring, but also added a new cloud platform.

Microsoft has a number of platforms available to businesses depending on the size of the business and the basic services for which it is looking. After its price cut, the least expensive version of Office 365 costs $48/user/year. This platform does not include the entire apps suite (so users must purchase add-ons to run the full suite as intended) and is available only to businesses with fewer than 50 people. In contrast, Google Apps for Business, the most costly version of Google Apps, costs $50/user/year. Continue reading

How to E-mail Google Analytics Reports Automatically

Google Analytics Email Report

Google Analytics is the service of various data regarding activity on your website. These analytics are very imperative for SEO work and for deciding and implementing other website related strategies. With Google Analytics, you can easily monitor traffic on your website. You can know from which country visitors are coming to your website, what they are reading and much more. As we know, Google is the biggest player in IT industry today. Right now, Google solutions and tools are relied upon by major corporations even. Therefore, Google analytics is not only the concern for SEO professionals. Instead, all Chief Executives and Board of Directors want to know that how their websites are performing. For this rationale; knowing how to e-mail Google Analytics Reports Automatically is crucial for companies. Continue reading

Google Is Going To Present A New Cheap Android Tablet In June

Asus Transformer Prime

The level of popularity of Apple products is something that any company would like to achieve and even exceed. Easier said than done. But the specialists from Google company have decided to give this idea a try.

Google has decided to launch a new tablet that will be able to compete with Apple products in term of its price. The new low-cost Android tablet has been created by Google together with and Taiwanese company Asustek Computer. Some specialists believe that Google’s decision to release its own tablet device shows that the company wants to free the market from the excessive fragmentation and in addition to that to gain more control over Android. Many Android tablets and smartphones are running on older versions of Google Mobile, and sometimes are delayed by the hardware manufacturers. Continue reading

Google: Behind the Numbers

With the explosion of digital marketing across the web, there seems to be a new playing field. One name that keeps coming out on top is a company called, drum roll please, Google Inc. Back in 1996 two Stanford grad students collaborated on a search engine called BackRub. After outgrowing Stanford servers and some brainstorming via its creators, BackRub became, you guessed it, Google.

Fast-forward a couple of years to 1998 and PC Magazine names Google as the search engine of choice. With a network of thousands of computers that carry out parallel processing, Google supplies the answer to your search query at lightening speed.

Over the years, Google Inc has grown with force to be reckoned. The way Google really makes its money; advertising. The launch of Google Adwords has brought a whole new way of life for advertisers. With a pay-per-click revenue system, keyword optimization, and performance feedback customers have been quick to jump on board. Through Adwords and other patented technologies Google now rakes in Billions of dollars in revenue each year. Continue reading

Google’s Got Goggles: Would You Wear Them?

Google Glasses

Move over, smartphones, there’s a new digital hottie in geek town! Augmented reality glasses, in both prescription and non-prescription versions, are just about finished being cooked up in Google’s lab. Code named “Project Glass,” Google launched a video about the sleek, techo-smart eyewear a few weeks ago. The prototype wasn’t designed for wearers of prescription glasses, but Senior Industrial Designer, Isabelle Olsson, fixed that in a New York minute.

Olsson said the goal was to make the voice-commanded eyewear adaptable for everybody as well as suitable for many different frame styles. She must have had lots of guinea pigs as Olsson also commented that many members of her design team wear prescription glasses. This digitally performing eyewear can allow you to schedule meetings, snap photos, get directions and participate in video chats all hands-free! I’m still having fun imagining all the possibilities here …

Read as you go?

So … in essence, I can walk anywhere with these spectacular spectacles on and directions would be printed right in front of my eyes. I like this and I admit it — I’m a little directionally challenged. To me there’s left and “the other left” as people keep telling me. The Google glasses’ ability to show text right in your face, literally, is all made possible with the small LCD screen on one of the lenses. Continue reading

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

Fast access to the Internet is vital to both individuals and businesses. Frequently at the forefront of technology, Google is slated to release its newest product, Google Glasses, by the end of the year. The latest innovation from the Internet giant is still in test mode but curious users can scan reviews and rumors before the product makes its way into consumers’ hands.

Google Glasses offer a wealth of information without needing to carry a laptop, notebook or smartphone. Instead, a pair of specs that look like regular sunglasses will display information on the inside of the lens using 3G and 4G downloading options. One of the glasses’ most anticipated features will allow users to access information about a specific location, such as when they look at any given building and want to know a bit about its history. The technology could be extremely beneficial for realtors, in particular, when they canvas commercial office space with clients. Wearers of the glasses will be privy to pertinent information about the available building via Google’s software, likely making real estate transactions easier for everyone involved. Continue reading

Google Android – the Developers’ Choice


Research recently released by Ovum has stated that Google’s Android mobile operating system is now the first choice for mobile app developers, taking the lead from their main rival, Apple.

Rising from fifth to second favourite development platform in a year is a great achievement for the search giant, with more developers preferring to develop their apps on the operating system before moving over to support rival systems. Mobile web developers typically don’t throw all their eggs in one basket and make their app for just one system, however Android could see an advantage if their apps receive an earlier release date as well as the ego boost of being deemed the most important platform by the people who make apps for them.

With mobile app sales reaching 1.2 billion in the last week of 2011, with 81 million coming from the UK alone, there is no doubt that the mobile application industry is a huge one, especially with the record sales figures for smartphones and the increase of low cost Android handsets and tablets Continue reading

Android 4.0 Upgrade – When Will I Get It?!

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

There was significant disarray last time that different companies and networks attempted to upgrade their phones to the new version of Android. It took many months to get most of the phones upgraded and even longer for some of the other ones. Although Android 4.0 seems to be a huge step up from their current operating system, one can only hope that the companies deliver the upgrade in a timely manner. The companies seem to understand how nervous people are but have promised that they will begin rolling out the updates in early 2012.

When Will My Phone Be Upgraded?

HTC claims that it will update the phones that are most popular including the Amaze 4G and EVO 3D. The same goes for LG, which announced via its Facebook page that it will update the Optimus 2X, Optimus 3D, Optimus Black, and the Optimus LTE to Android 4.0. Motorola seems to not be upgrading as many of its phones but will be upgrading its newest additions to the lineup (Droid Bionic and Razr). Samsung has said that the Galaxy Nexus II S Skyrocket for AT&T will get Android 4.0, but that’s about as forthcoming as the company has been. Contrast that with Sony Ericsson, which has said it will update its entire line-up of Xperia-branded Android smartphones to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The company claims that it is going to blend the features of its Xperia software with those of Android 4.0. Continue reading

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect

Apart from being the world’s leading search engine, Google is full with surprises on every corner. Have you ever thought about how combining Google Docs and Microsoft Office would be great? Just imagine the combo of Google Docs’ ability to store documents in the cloud and usability and features offered by MS Office. Not possible? Check again.

Google Cloud Connect, a free add-in for Microsoft Office, offers you exactly this kind of synergy. Google Cloud Connect lets you store Office documents directly to Google Docs. No need to upload anything, it’s all automatic.

Simple Installation

The installation of Google Cloud Connect is very simple. After the installation is finished, your Google Cloud Connect will become available to you as a toolbar found at the top of your MS Office. Every time you want to save a file to Google Docs, just click Sync, and the document will be saved and synced automatically. You can also adjust the syncing behavior to be manual, and have Google Cloud Connect sync only when you tell it to.

Collaborative Editing and Sharing Options

Google Cloud Connect for MS Office offers interactive multi-person editing options to the familiar MS Office environment. You are able to share, create backups, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and documents with your co-workers. Continue reading