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10 Things Apple Has Fixed In iOS 7

iOS 7

Apple has finally released a new iOS version. While most of the iOS updates just had ancillary changes that really didn’t improve the user experience, this one finally modernizes the iPhone so that it can compete with the Android OS. Here are 10 things that have been changed from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Quick Settings

If you wanted to change brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth settings in the past, then you would have to use several different menus. Control Center, a new menu for the iPhone, allows you to control all of these settings and more from a centralized location.

Better Multitasking

Apple allowed some basic multitasking in iOS 4, but this was primitive and most users didn’t even know how to use it. The new multitasking feature is similar to Android’s card system. You can now easily access apps in the background for a true multitasking experience.

Easily Share Photos and Videos

AirDrop makes it much easier to share photos and videos with friends without emailing them. Just open the file, select the contact’s name and the file will be sent. The friend can also respond by sharing his or her own files with ease. Continue reading

Samsung Vs. Apple Patent Case: Round 2 Begins

Samsung Vs. Apple

The two tech giants, Samsung and Apple suing each other for patent infringement is included in most discussions among techies. Even those who don’t bother to watch what’s happening, have to watch Samsung’s ads trying to show iPhone 5 as inferior compared to its Galaxy Note. When a verdict is passed and things seemingly cool down, there starts another war in a few days. Both, Samsung and Apple have grown into enormous giants that they now want to slay the rival and rule the future. The verdict that ordered Samsung to pay almost $1.05 billion to Apple has served a strong blow to Samsung. There have been hilarious rumors spreading about Samsung that it sent 30 trucks filled with 5 cent coins to pay the $1.05 billion to Apple. Though it was soon announced that it was just a troll against Samsung, it became so very popular that many media firms reported it as the latest news. Continue reading

iPhone 5: Fully Redesigned And LTE-Enabled Smartphone

iPhone 5

Apple has really tried to renovate the previous model of iPhone 4S with some excellent features and adjustments in both the hardware and software departments. The new iPhone 5 seems to be the best and most elegant phone till date ever produced by humans as far as the design, features and inherent specs are concerned. You will get larger display, 4G LTE, easy navigation and much faster A6 processor. Apart from getting lighter, it has been completely redesigned to suit your interests and needs. Continue reading

Apple’s New Maps Fall Short Of Google Maps

Apple Maps

Apple’s recently released iOS6 update includes several significant changes to its mobile operating system. One of the more notable changes is the inclusion of the new Apple Maps app, which replaces Google Maps as the standard mapping program.

It’s unclear why Apple decided to drop a proven solution in favor of their own variant, but many suspect Apple wanted to replace a key component of their iOS software; a component that was supplied by a major competitor. Another theory is that Google changed their licensing terms which made including Google Maps as part of the new iOS cost prohibitive. Continue reading

iPhone 5 Sales Exceed Expectations

iPhone 5

The 21st of September 2012 saw the worldwide release of the latest instalment in Apple’s market leading iPhone series. The iPhone 5 was as eagerly anticipated as every previous version has been, perhaps even more so due to the iPhone 4S’ status amongst fans as a stop-gap rather than a full upgrade. As with previous releases, the launch of the iPhone 5 saw long queues outside Apple stores of people desperate to get their hands on the new technology. Continue reading

Apple To Battle Amazon With iPad Mini

iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire

The Apple may be a king in the market of 10-inch tablet PCs, but can they succeed in the 7-inch tablet market? Now that the wait for the iPad Mini, which is rumored to be released next month, is getting hotter, can Apple really expect it to topple Amazon’s Kindle Fire? With Amazon’s tablet line up ranging from the $159 Kindle Fire to the latest $499 Kindle Fire 8.9-in. HD 4G, Amazon is a threat against Apple’s throne. With its latest Kindle, many Apple users have decided to sell their old iPads for the Amazon’s latest product. Can the iPad Mini be Apple’s winning gun here?

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the $499 tablet PC they released is a rival against Apple’s iPad. He claims that with the Kindle Fire’s annual data package ($49.99), consumers will see “more than $400 in year-one savings” compared to the iPad and a comparable data plan. Continue reading

What Went Wrong With Those Apple Genius Ads?

Apple's Genius Ads

The iPad is one of the most sought after gadgets of today. People are more than willing to exchange cash for iPads even if they cost way more than their Android-based competitors. Apple’s product development team has not failed since it launched the first generation iPad. Even when the improvements of the gadget mean that it would cost more, people are still more than willing to shell out their money just to get their hands on one.

With product development comes a great marketing plan. One cannot simply thrive in making a product succeed without the other. Apple is a genius when it comes to this field. The company has been able to launch each of its products into the stratosphere of success. When you come to think of it, Apple products are just ordinary. Moreover, there are products made by other companies that are similar, just as effective and way cheaper than what Apple produces. In the tablet PC market, Asus, Samsung, and Motorola have similar Continue reading

Apple’s Victory Causes Samsung’s Shares To Fall


The verdict on the patent dispute between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics came out in favor of Apple Inc. The verdict caused concerns about the South Korean giant’s Smartphone business. As a result, the shares of Samsung Electronics fell down by more than 7%, wiping $12 billion off its market value. The verdict brought great benefits for Apple, as its Shares went up 2% at $676.71(all-time high is $680.87). The victory strengthened the position of Apple just before the launch of iPhone-5 and could empower its dominance in the market, since firms using Google’s Android OS may be forced to look at design changes. Smartphone business is Samsung’s biggest cash cow, and hence it is all set to contest. Continue reading

Apple Cooks a Smaller iPad

iPad Mini

Was Steve Jobs Open to the Idea?

This news will definitely tell how influential Steve Jobs was – and still is – to the great tech company he left behind.

According to a senior executive of Apple, even then when Jobs was still alive and kicking, he [Jobs] was already receptive to the idea of a smaller iPad. This was confirmed in an email sent last year. Finally, does this give us a hint that Apple intends to give us a smaller version of iPad, fanning the hot charcoaled competition between smaller-packed tablets like Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle? Continue reading

iPhone 5 Most Wanted Features

iPhone 5

Over the last few months there have been a lot of rumours about what we’re going to see from Apples new iPhone which will more than likely be called the iPhone 5. Even though nobody knows what Apple are going to do with the next iPhone, there are a lot of people who have already decided on what features that they would love to see. We’re going to mention some of the most wanted features from the iPhone 5, hopefully we’ll see some of them when Apple release it!

New Design – When the iPhone 4 came out everybody absolutely loved the new design since it was completely different from previous models. However, a lot of people were left disappointed when the iPhone 4s was released since it was exactly the same as the previous model. Because of this, a lot of people really want to see a new design for the iPhone 5 and we’re pretty sure that Apple will decide to do this. Continue reading