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Google Android – the Developers’ Choice


Research recently released by Ovum has stated that Google’s Android mobile operating system is now the first choice for mobile app developers, taking the lead from their main rival, Apple.

Rising from fifth to second favourite development platform in a year is a great achievement for the search giant, with more developers preferring to develop their apps on the operating system before moving over to support rival systems. Mobile web developers typically don’t throw all their eggs in one basket and make their app for just one system, however Android could see an advantage if their apps receive an earlier release date as well as the ego boost of being deemed the most important platform by the people who make apps for them.

With mobile app sales reaching 1.2 billion in the last week of 2011, with 81 million coming from the UK alone, there is no doubt that the mobile application industry is a huge one, especially with the record sales figures for smartphones and the increase of low cost Android handsets and tablets Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II Review

Galaxy S II

Android über-phones are piling up so fast you need wings to stay above them. It’s getting to the point where a fan-boy has to take out a second mortgage just to support his Android habit. The Samsung Galaxy S II won’t help matters any. As the latest in a long line of Androids with hardware that bests some netbooks, the Galaxy S II is a monster. Those in the market for a new smart phone would be doing themselves a disservice by ignoring it. Here’s what you can look forward to if you decide to get one. Continue reading

Android 4.0 Upgrade – When Will I Get It?!

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

There was significant disarray last time that different companies and networks attempted to upgrade their phones to the new version of Android. It took many months to get most of the phones upgraded and even longer for some of the other ones. Although Android 4.0 seems to be a huge step up from their current operating system, one can only hope that the companies deliver the upgrade in a timely manner. The companies seem to understand how nervous people are but have promised that they will begin rolling out the updates in early 2012.

When Will My Phone Be Upgraded?

HTC claims that it will update the phones that are most popular including the Amaze 4G and EVO 3D. The same goes for LG, which announced via its Facebook page that it will update the Optimus 2X, Optimus 3D, Optimus Black, and the Optimus LTE to Android 4.0. Motorola seems to not be upgrading as many of its phones but will be upgrading its newest additions to the lineup (Droid Bionic and Razr). Samsung has said that the Galaxy Nexus II S Skyrocket for AT&T will get Android 4.0, but that’s about as forthcoming as the company has been. Contrast that with Sony Ericsson, which has said it will update its entire line-up of Xperia-branded Android smartphones to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The company claims that it is going to blend the features of its Xperia software with those of Android 4.0. Continue reading

Slide to Unlock a New Round of Patent Lawsuits

Slide to Unlock

Apple is currently in the midst of a huge patent war with rival smartphone manufacturers that use Google’s Android operating system. As revealed in the new Steve Jobs biography, the former Apple CEO felt that Android was a rip-off of his own company’s iPhone iOS, and was willing to spend every last penny Apple had in the bank to run it into the ground.

This war kicked off in 2010 when Apple sued HTC for its Desire smartphone. Right from the start many could see that this lawsuit was intended as a proxy war against Google – as HTC has been one of the biggest supporters of the Google OS. Also in Apple’s crosshairs are Motorola and Korean giant Samsung.

Samsung is the company that is currently taking most of the flak from the Apple lawsuits, with many Samsung products being pulled from sale in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. Apple is aggressively seeking a similar outcome in other markets. While Apple insists that its disagreement with Samsung is due to the latter’s TouchWiz interface and the ‘look and feel’ of its Galaxy range of products, this is no doubt an intentional swipe at what is currently the most successful Android product of them all – the Samsung Galaxy S2. Continue reading

Which to choose – iPhone or Android Phone?

iPhone Vs Android

IPhone is something which has always been unique since its inception. But ever since the Androids have developed it has been the supreme power in controlling the smartphones market. There are various reasons why androids are having so much popularity over IPhones. The reasons are many and therefore all cannot be discussed in one place. So discussion is provided on the top reasons why Android is preferable to buyers:

Alternate Keyboards

Android has found the edge over IPhone because of the alternate keyboard that they provide. Nowhere will you be having monotony- be it Swift Key or innovative ones like Swype and adventurous ones like 8pen. Other these there are several other choices in case of Android. On the other hand in case of IPhone you are left with one only and if new one has to be used it needs to be installed or imported and even then the text characters may vary.


Android phones possess a great app that is not available in any other platform – the tasker. It is an automation program that is highly useful and can take the phone to another level altogether even without changing much within. The Tasker helps you in turning on and off of certain programs that are required to be done so at correct point of time. Be it the deepest and darkest thing Tasker will do it all for you. This is a great absence in case of IPhone which is lagging behind. Continue reading

Android – Iphone Killer?

Apple vs. Android

Google’s Smartphone, Android, is sometimes called the iPhone killer due to being the competition for Apple and its general performance when compared to the iPhone. The question of whether the Android is actually the iPhone killer or if the statement is just hype depends on individual phone preferences and what is compared.

The Basics:

The Apple iPhone has long dominated phone sales due to the innovative approach taken by the company. Many customers are faithful due to good customer service and constant changes that make the phone appealing to purchase even after only one year of owning a previous model of the phone.

The benefits of an iPhone have not changed much and the company continues to please customers with innovative designs and newer features. Continue reading

Did Google Buy Motorola for the Phones or the Patents?

Google recently lost out on its attempt to purchase the bankrupt Nortel that was looking to sell its patents and 4G technologies.

Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and three other companies combined on the purchase and paid a surprisingly high $4.5 billion for 6,000 patents. The move was seen by many to be a blatant attempt at boxing Google out from acquiring more patents.

The group of companies paid nearly three times the estimated amount for what they received from Nortel. Google’s senior vice president and chief legal officer, David Drummond, called the move a “hostile, organized campaign against Android.”

Google was eager to move in on Nortel’s patents because they had been under fire from Microsoft and other competitors for stepping on patents in the process of running their open-sourced programming. They had a few cases of patent litigation and some are still pending. Continue reading

A Review Of the Google Nexus One

Google Nexus OneJust as with eReaders and MP3 players, it seems like every company in the technology sector is interested in dabbling in the smartphone market. Instead of dabbling, Google decided to jump in head first with their line of Nexus phones that have caused quite a stir for the tech-savvy and phone lovers around the world. With the help of HTC’s development team, the Android 2.1 processing system, and an equal mix of business and lifestyle features, it looks like Google’s timing and work paid off for their entry into the phone arena. Continue reading

HTC Desire S is As Trendy As It is Powerful

HTC Desire SThe HTC Desire S is the phone that will be coming up with the tagline of being the phone that will be going to replace the much popular HTC Desire. This phone was recently announced at the Mobile World Congress and it has already got quite a lot of interest from both onlookers and media. This is because even though the HTC Desire was one of the most popular phones, it is considered to be relatively ageing nowadays, with plenty of new and able smart phones not only able to catch the HTC Desire, but also overtake it as well. Continue reading

iFixit Tears Down DROID 2

Droid 2Man, we would just love to know how iFixit gets their hands on new gadgets so fast! This time the brand-new DROID 2 is the victim of their careful surgical methods. They discover that the main power of the device is a Texas Instruments OMAP 1GHz processor with a dedicated GPU. After comparing the DROID 2 to the original DROID, they find that the new phone has a dark blue finish with slight modifications to the case. Lastly, they compare it with the iPhone 4’s slim form and blow it into 24 separate parts. [T3ch H3lp]