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Top 5 Free Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Google Maps for Android

Is it that you travel too much and look out for different places by buying guides or maps? If the answer to this is a Yes, then you do not have to worry as you will be able to find several free and useful Android GPS navigation application that you must look forward to. All such times have gone when you had to buy maps or guides for certain places or ask your relatives or friends in this regard.

Android offers numerous offline GPS navigation apps for all such people who get to travel a lot. If GPS functionality is enabled on your device, you can go wherever you want to and have a live position as well. Moreover, these apps also provide you with the shortest approach to get to the particular place. These apps provide you with the maps of all of the countries, street, state, cinema halls, restaurants and a lot more.

Following are the top free offline GPS navigation apps available for Android gadgets that are going to make travelling a lot easier for you.

1. Google Maps

The Google Maps application is considered to the best navigation application which offers 3D viewing as well. This app is useful in saving data so that you can even view it when you are offline. You are only required to enter the place that you consider visiting and you will be provided with the most appropriate mapping. The app also provides users with an approximate time in which they will reach the place. Continue reading

Benefits of Android VPN


With the advancement in technology every day new device and smart phones, laptop, tablets are coming. Smart phones have become very popular and they have replaced a Symbian operating system from Android. People use android devices both for business and business personal pleasure. They increase the productivity of work by providing all the tools that organize personal and work life. However, accessing internet through public WI-Fi hotspots are not secure and exposes their device to numerous threats and hackers. Because of the dependency on Android, individuals use VPN which is a virtual private network which allows them to have a secure connection without having any fear of being hacked or monitored.

Safety by encryption

An android VPN creates a barrier between the user device and the network. The major advantage of VPN in Android devices is to encrypt and decrypt network data of users and not allowing third parties to view data. Therefore it creates safety for the user and they get connected to internet via VPN server. The users are assigned to a server generated IP instead which mask original IP address and so third parties or websites are unable to view users’ information and their location. So individuals can keep their data private without the fear of being hacked and from unwanted targeted marketing as well. Continue reading

Top 5 Free Battery Booster Apps for Android Smartphones

Battery Saver Apps for Android

We all get extremely irritated and annoyed when our smartphone or other Android device is almost out of battery. Needless to say that Android smartphones and other devices do have a problem of a short battery life. This indeed is a turn off for many people. What people then end up doing to make their battery life a bit longer is that they tweak the settings for various functions of their phone, for example they turn off the display, the 3G network as well as Wi-Fi. On the other hand, many people do not know about the many free apps that are available in the Android market that can make the battery life of the Android devices longer and can also save your time when you have to change the settings of your phone to save some battery. These apps that help boost the battery of your Android device should make you get the most of your device’s battery.

Battery Dr saver+a task killer
This is a very simple and interesting app. It provides you with a list of running tasks on your device or smartphone that you can kill to save your battery. Then you can choose from this list and thus save your battery. Moreover, this app also shows you how much battery remains in your smartphone Continue reading

Upgrade Your Video Chat With These Android Apps

Android Video Chat

There’s nothing terrible about Google Talk: this stock Android video chat app provides basic functionality with few thrills, making it a decent program for those who don’t use this type of software all the time. But Google Talk has its drawbacks. Video quality isn’t the greatest and neither is the interface. Plus you don’t get the range of features that other programs offer.

So why not try an upgrade? More developers have stepped onto the field with new video chat programs over the past few years, giving people plenty of options. Plus, most of them are free. Here are a few video chat apps worth checking out that won’t cost you a penny:


It’s still the leader. By far. No other video calling system has yet been able to challenge Skype’s dominance in the market. The popularity of the program has resulted in Skype luring the largest user base of any video calling service available. That alone is a big reason to download Skype.

But despite its mob of followers, the software isn’t perfect. Unlike Google Talk, Skype doesn’t offer text chat. Although this isn’t a huge drawback by any means — most people want video or voice communication only with these systems — it is a nice feature to have. Also, Skype has no group chat feature. Nevertheless, it remains the premiere video chat product for any device. Continue reading

Google Is Going To Present A New Cheap Android Tablet In June

Asus Transformer Prime

The level of popularity of Apple products is something that any company would like to achieve and even exceed. Easier said than done. But the specialists from Google company have decided to give this idea a try.

Google has decided to launch a new tablet that will be able to compete with Apple products in term of its price. The new low-cost Android tablet has been created by Google together with and Taiwanese company Asustek Computer. Some specialists believe that Google’s decision to release its own tablet device shows that the company wants to free the market from the excessive fragmentation and in addition to that to gain more control over Android. Many Android tablets and smartphones are running on older versions of Google Mobile, and sometimes are delayed by the hardware manufacturers. Continue reading

A Brief History of Android


No other operating system has changed the way we use our mobile phones today, in such a short span of time, as the Android Operating System has. The OS, which first debuted in 2008, has evolved quickly over the last few years, and played a major role in the evolution of smart phones as well.

What is Android OS?

Android OS is a linux-based operating system developed for mobile phones. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, which has several members including software giant Google. Apart from the operating system, the term “android” could also refer to the middleware and key applications, which can be used to develop mobile apps. It has an open development platform, which means that developers can build their own applications for the OS.

How it Began?

Android Incorporated was set up in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. The company operated without publicising the work they were doing; it was only known that they were working on some form of mobile software. In 2005, Google acquired the company, and all of its employees; the founders of Android stayed on with Google. Google did not reveal its plans for Android, and industry watchers could only speculate that Google was planning to enter the mobile OS market. In 2007, the Software Development Kit – which allows developers to make their own apps – was released. Continue reading

Sync Android on Your Laptop or Desktop

Android Sync

Perhaps people are more aware of the fact that it’s much easier to seamlessly maneuver from the desktop to your Android device more than it is to do the reverse. The fact is that you can sync Android on your laptop or desktop although you may be required to add a few extra features for this to be carried out successfully. The feature of Androids that makes this possibility a tad difficult is that they are basically designed to operate Google’s web services more than those that have to do with Windows.

Steps for Syncing Android on Your Laptop or Desktop

a) Install Android on Flash Drive
This can be done on either a flash drive or a memory card. The only requirement is to make sure that the device has enough storage space. This should not be less than 256MB. If the drive has other programs or documents, it is better if you remove them before using it to run Android.

Go to the Android x86 page and download this facility. After downloading it safely and successfully on your drive, the next step is to set it up following the instructions which prompt you. Continue reading

Best 5 Android Phones 2012

Best Android Phones 2012

Andy Rubin originally developed the Android market in 2003. Since 2003, the Android market has become known worldwide. The android market is a Linux based operating system led and developed by Google. This operating system was created to give customers a smarter phone that was more aware of the customer’s preferences and surroundings.

850,000 cell phones are activated each day with the Android market. As of February 2012, over 300 million people own an Android phone. The Android market now has 450,000 applications for customers to enjoy as well. Over 10 billion Android applications have been downloaded since December of 2011. This phone truly is an exceptional customer service phone. Continue reading

10 Free Siri Alternatives For Android

Siri Alternatives For Android

Ever since Siri, Apple’s personal voice assistant tool came bundled with iPhone 4S, people have been talking about it. Siri-like programs have been around for a while, though Siri has been programmed to be a little whacky and fun. Android owners don’t despair – you have many free alternatives to Siri, some that were around even before iPhone 4S came to be! Here are 10 free ones for you to download.

1. Google Voice Action

Google Voice Actions has been around much before Siri. You can use this assistant to send texts, get directions, and search the web and so on. You can launch other apps using this assistant, plus play with your browser favorites, set alarms and reminders, control Wi-Fi and search eBay, etc. Google Voice Action is built into Android so it’s right there for you to use. You can also control your phone’s volume, turn Bluetooth on and off as well. This app uses Google’s phenomenal Speech Recognition software, which responds to questions, commands and even just chatter with relevant info. Continue reading

How to Start Developing Apps for Android

Android Training

Because Android is an open-source operating system, anyone can create applications for the OS when they want something that isn’t out there or they want to make some money by offering their creative ideas to others. If you want to develop apps for Android phones, you simply have to get a basic knowledge of how the OS works and find the right tools. The first things that you need are an IDE and SDK. Those letters are important, because without them, development can’t happen. The Android SDK is your first stop. This is the software development kit, which allows you to get all the tools that you need for development in one place.

Once you install the SDK, you’ll be given the option to choose your IDE, or integrated development environment. Most kits will include Eclipse, Android Development Tools plug-in, and others. Your computer does need to have the right operating system and environment to develop applications, so make sure that you check with SDK to see what you need to have. Next, you’ll want to get the native development kit, or NDK. This is a companion to the SDK and it allows you to use native code to build the elements of your apps that are critical in terms of performance. Continue reading