Inside Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3

Following a thoroughly well received showing at E3, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest titles this Christmas – no mean achievement when it’s up against Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, Dishonored and the launch of WiiU. But then it is the biggest Assassin’s Creed so far and a leap from old Europe to the New World. In this preview we’ll explore an appetite-whetting new range of features.

Perhaps the most central change in Assassin’s Creed 3 is the move away from Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the familiar Renaissance Italian assassin and ladies man. Connor Kenway is half Native American, half English and a very different sort of chap, most importantly because one of his priorities is defending his people. While he still has to fight age-old enemy the Templars, he’s also motivated to prevent Native American land being carved up and sold to the highest bidder. It’s a somewhat more noble set of ambitions than his forebears, allowing for greater depth to his character. Continue reading

Apple To Battle Amazon With iPad Mini

iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire

The Apple may be a king in the market of 10-inch tablet PCs, but can they succeed in the 7-inch tablet market? Now that the wait for the iPad Mini, which is rumored to be released next month, is getting hotter, can Apple really expect it to topple Amazon’s Kindle Fire? With Amazon’s tablet line up ranging from the $159 Kindle Fire to the latest $499 Kindle Fire 8.9-in. HD 4G, Amazon is a threat against Apple’s throne. With its latest Kindle, many Apple users have decided to sell their old iPads for the Amazon’s latest product. Can the iPad Mini be Apple’s winning gun here?

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the $499 tablet PC they released is a rival against Apple’s iPad. He claims that with the Kindle Fire’s annual data package ($49.99), consumers will see “more than $400 in year-one savings” compared to the iPad and a comparable data plan. Continue reading

What To Expect From Samsung’s Series 7 Slate PCs?

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Lee Byung-Chull founded a small trading company in South Korea with 40 employees under him in 1938. The main sources of business were groceries and their signature was the noodles they made. Though the business prospered, he was forced to close it down during the Korean War. The War was a temporary glitch to his thirst for challenges. He then went ahead and prospered in the cotton business. He had a vision of making his company a leader in multiple enterprises. His dream did come true and his company, Samsung stands tall in world business today. Continue reading

The Buzz About BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 L-Series

BlackBerry has always been the favorite for people belonging to the business class. If you are a business owner, you will find that BlackBerry is way more helpful than any other device. There may be a hundred other devices pouring into the market, but BlackBerry users a specific section of the population that will always remain faithful to the device.

Once a BlackBerry user, always a BlackBerry user. This fact is augmented by the fact that BlackBerry keeps on bringing new modifications and Upgradation often to ensure that the phone does cater to all the requirements of the people. Continue reading

Gaming Computers Through The Ages

Alienware Aurora R3

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine life without computer games. The gaming industry is thriving, and advancements are being made all the time. However, these leaps and bounds into new territory would not be possible without gaming computers that are capable of handling all the new features and technology.

Old-School Gaming Systems

Back when the first computer games were released, the computers used to play them were nothing like the ones today. These computers required the entering of commands and did not have wide palette of colors available to the programmers. In fact, earliest computers could only handle monochrome games before technology advanced to EGA and VGA graphics capabilities. The games were also stored on floppy discs Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 920 Gained Much Popularity

Nokia Lumia 920

In today’s mobile market Nokia Lumia has gained much popularity and the company has achieved much profit with this product. Nokia Lumia is considered to be the first handset by Nokia that has Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is the modern generation and now, the phones with Symbian Operating System are considered to be a history. With the new Lumia 920, we will get the Windows 8 Operating System and it has crossed all the expectations of the mobile users. This is such a phone which most of the users have dreamt about. This Smartphone has some excellent features which has made it extremely popular and has enrolled its name in the most wanted list. Continue reading

What Went Wrong With Those Apple Genius Ads?

Apple's Genius Ads

The iPad is one of the most sought after gadgets of today. People are more than willing to exchange cash for iPads even if they cost way more than their Android-based competitors. Apple’s product development team has not failed since it launched the first generation iPad. Even when the improvements of the gadget mean that it would cost more, people are still more than willing to shell out their money just to get their hands on one.

With product development comes a great marketing plan. One cannot simply thrive in making a product succeed without the other. Apple is a genius when it comes to this field. The company has been able to launch each of its products into the stratosphere of success. When you come to think of it, Apple products are just ordinary. Moreover, there are products made by other companies that are similar, just as effective and way cheaper than what Apple produces. In the tablet PC market, Asus, Samsung, and Motorola have similar Continue reading

The 5 Best Budget Tablets

When you’re looking to buy a Tablet PC, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then you may want to consider purchasing a budget tablet. This way you can save your hard earned money while still benefiting from many of the same functions that are normally included in higher end Tablets. We’ll take a closer look at the top 5 Budget Tablets available to help you decide which model is best for you.

5) Barnes and Noble Nook Color $129.00 – $199.00

Nook Color

The Nook Color Tablet includes a vibrant touch screen, fast performance, and 8GB of memory. With built in Wi-Fi the tablet can be used to browse the web and also supports both PDF and Word files. Some video formats are compatible with the Nook Color and it will easily support MP3 playback. Since you have the option to add multiple apps to your Nook Color, the device can essentially be converted to a fully featured tablet. Continue reading

The Surface Looks Like The iPad Killer For Business

Microsoft Surface

Is Microsoft’s Surface the iPad killer the tech industry has been waiting for ever since Apple first rolled out its laptop computer killer? RIM and Google have both taken their best runs as the iPad with varied levels of success, but have always fallen short of actually knocking the iPad off the top of the perch. The excitement surrounding the MS Surface seems to be enough that a Windows-based tablet looks like the tech world will finally have a tablet that can compete for market share with the iOS. Continue reading

Top 5 Free Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Google Maps for Android

Is it that you travel too much and look out for different places by buying guides or maps? If the answer to this is a Yes, then you do not have to worry as you will be able to find several free and useful Android GPS navigation application that you must look forward to. All such times have gone when you had to buy maps or guides for certain places or ask your relatives or friends in this regard.

Android offers numerous offline GPS navigation apps for all such people who get to travel a lot. If GPS functionality is enabled on your device, you can go wherever you want to and have a live position as well. Moreover, these apps also provide you with the shortest approach to get to the particular place. These apps provide you with the maps of all of the countries, street, state, cinema halls, restaurants and a lot more.

Following are the top free offline GPS navigation apps available for Android gadgets that are going to make travelling a lot easier for you.

1. Google Maps

The Google Maps application is considered to the best navigation application which offers 3D viewing as well. This app is useful in saving data so that you can even view it when you are offline. You are only required to enter the place that you consider visiting and you will be provided with the most appropriate mapping. The app also provides users with an approximate time in which they will reach the place. Continue reading