10 Things Apple Has Fixed In iOS 7

iOS 7

Apple has finally released a new iOS version. While most of the iOS updates just had ancillary changes that really didn’t improve the user experience, this one finally modernizes the iPhone so that it can compete with the Android OS. Here are 10 things that have been changed from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Quick Settings

If you wanted to change brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth settings in the past, then you would have to use several different menus. Control Center, a new menu for the iPhone, allows you to control all of these settings and more from a centralized location.

Better Multitasking

Apple allowed some basic multitasking in iOS 4, but this was primitive and most users didn’t even know how to use it. The new multitasking feature is similar to Android’s card system. You can now easily access apps in the background for a true multitasking experience.

Easily Share Photos and Videos

AirDrop makes it much easier to share photos and videos with friends without emailing them. Just open the file, select the contact’s name and the file will be sent. The friend can also respond by sharing his or her own files with ease.

Keychain Sync

This was a popular feature when Apple had the MobileMe feature, but it disappeared when Apple changed MobileMe to iCloud. The Keychain Sync feature is back. This allows you to sync passwords between your iPhone and OS X computer so that you can easily access programs and websites.

Siri Search

Siri has been updated so that you can easily search through Bing to find information that you are looking for. Just tell Siri to search and it will bring back relevant websites.

Automated Updates

Apple has been forcing mobile users to manually update their apps for years. This could be very annoying because most users don’t want to waste time by updating their apps. All apps will now be automatically updated in the background.

New Gestures

There are new gestures that you can use to access features like Control Center, search bar and to go back in your browser’s history. This makes it much easier to use the iPhone’s full list of programs and features.

Centralized Mail Search

If you tried searching your email before, then you would only be able to find emails from one inbox. The new email search feature will go through all of your inboxes so that you can quickly find the relevant email.

Activation Lock

In the past, people would steal iPhones, wipe their data and then resell them. The new Activation Lock prevents this. While the device can still be wiped, it cannot be reactivated unless the thief knows your Apple ID.

Simplified Interface

The iPhone interface has been simplified so that you can easily access features, use apps and bring out the full power of the iPhone. The textured backgrounds have also been replaced by aesthetically pleasing white background, which look much better than the outdated textures.


Apple has been criticized for not providing a satisfactory user experience when compared to other modern mobile operating systems, but the iOS 7 update is Apple’s leap back into modernity.

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  1. quick setting like turning on and off wifi is something I have been looking for. so glad it finally came.

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