Apple To Battle Amazon With iPad Mini

iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire

The Apple may be a king in the market of 10-inch tablet PCs, but can they succeed in the 7-inch tablet market? Now that the wait for the iPad Mini, which is rumored to be released next month, is getting hotter, can Apple really expect it to topple Amazon’s Kindle Fire? With Amazon’s tablet line up ranging from the $159 Kindle Fire to the latest $499 Kindle Fire 8.9-in. HD 4G, Amazon is a threat against Apple’s throne. With its latest Kindle, many Apple users have decided to sell their old iPads for the Amazon’s latest product. Can the iPad Mini be Apple’s winning gun here?

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the $499 tablet PC they released is a rival against Apple’s iPad. He claims that with the Kindle Fire’s annual data package ($49.99), consumers will see “more than $400 in year-one savings” compared to the iPad and a comparable data plan.

Because of the success of Amazon tablet PCs, many people say that Amazon is now Apple’s number one competitor. However, some analysts disagreed. Brian White, of Topeka Capital markets, noted that although there are new features and upgrades from the original version of the Kindle Fire, there will be even greater confidence “that the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market at the mid-to-high end.” He also added that the 4G version of the Kindle Fire will have “a difficult time gaining traction, while the November 20 dates are much too far into the future.”

ISI Group’s Brian Marshall seems to agree with White because he was certain that Apple has nothing to worry about. He said that although Amazon’s new products seem impressive, Apple will still dominate the platform of choice for tablet PCs and smartphones. With the release of the new iPad, many indeed are still selling their old iPads for the new ones.

According to some analysts, there are several factors that would help Apple maintain their dominance in the market, like the App Store (which has more apps than Amazon’s), the iCloud Storage and synchronization service, and especially the rumored launch of the smaller iPad next month. For White and Marshall, the iPad Mini will be Apple’s ace card. They even believe that the iPad Mini might surpass the sales of the regular-sized iPad.

Amazon is apparently not scared about these threats, since according the Bezos, they will offer a Kindle Fire HD with 1,280 x 800-pixel display for only $199 on September 14, and also a Wi-Fi version for $299 later in November. These prices would be the ballpark for iPad Mini, according to the analysts. There is sure to be a battle between Apple and Amazon in the coming months.

Still, even though it seems that Amazon has the upper hand, Moorhead said that “The sheer fact that Apple will launch a tablet at that low price will bring in consumers in swarms.” He added, “Yes, consumers will be able to get the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-in. tablet with 1,920 by 1,200-pixel resolution for $299, but they’re also not getting the Apple brand and experience.”

For them, Amazon will not be able to unseat Apple even with an impressive line of products in the coming months. People will surely sell their old iPads, not to buy a Kindle tablet, but to prepare themselves for the coming of the iPad Mini.

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