What To Expect From Samsung’s Series 7 Slate PCs?

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Lee Byung-Chull founded a small trading company in South Korea with 40 employees under him in 1938. The main sources of business were groceries and their signature was the noodles they made. Though the business prospered, he was forced to close it down during the Korean War. The War was a temporary glitch to his thirst for challenges. He then went ahead and prospered in the cotton business. He had a vision of making his company a leader in multiple enterprises. His dream did come true and his company, Samsung stands tall in world business today.

Samsung became a global company in the 1990′s. They became known for their electronic devices and one of the leading providers in the computers industry. They have come a long way with PCs and their latest innovation is the Series 7 slate PCs that might rule the world in future! The signature of 7 slates is going to be the detachable keyboard. Yup! You can either use touch screens or the keyboard to use the notebook!

The announcement of Series 7 Slate PCs:

Samsung made public the Series 5 and 7 Slate PCs in Berlin’s IFA Consumer Electronics Show. The PCs can be converted to a tablet or notebook using the attachable keyboard. The systems run on the latest Windows 8 OS.


The Series 7 Slate PCs will feature an 11.6 inch touch screen with 1920×1080 resolution that can be attached to the keyboard using hinges. The reason for choosing mechanical over magnetic hinges is to ensure the screen stays secure in one place. You can use it anywhere you like and the detachable keyboard makes it easier to carry around and store in a place.

Samsung’s signature on Galaxy notes nicknamed “S Pen”, a stylus is part of the Series 7 Plates. You can take handwritten notes or sketch without any trouble. The series 7 is designed for power users and are the targeted audience. It has an Intel i5 Core processor, 128 gigabyte state drive to give better boost to start-ups and more in-built memory. It has a Gigabit Ethernet and 4.0 Bluetooth. An interesting feature is the front and rear facing camera. The Series 7 slates are going to be priced around $1,199 each. This might be a tad bit expensive for an 11.6 inch screen.

What can we expect from Samsung’s Series 7 Slate PCs?

For those who hate to use the touch screen for typing, but wish to carry light-weight devices this will definitely make a great buy. Samsung has gone an extra mile to make their upcoming series impeccable in design and technology. The detachable keyboard seems to be the point-of-focus for this latest release. Though the overall design is smooth and stylish, it doesn’t look too different from the previous versions.

The success of the Slate banks hugely on its Windows 8 Operating System. If Samsung delivers the promised battery life along with the user friendliness of Windows – it might become a force to be reckoned in future. Overall, it looks like an efficient device useful for to all users. We cannot predict if the device will be a hit as the technology world has developed so much that innovative products hit the markets almost on a daily basis! However, Samsung might just stand out from others for the quality they offer.

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