Gaming Computers Through The Ages

Alienware Aurora R3

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine life without computer games. The gaming industry is thriving, and advancements are being made all the time. However, these leaps and bounds into new territory would not be possible without gaming computers that are capable of handling all the new features and technology.

Old-School Gaming Systems

Back when the first computer games were released, the computers used to play them were nothing like the ones today. These computers required the entering of commands and did not have wide palette of colors available to the programmers. In fact, earliest computers could only handle monochrome games before technology advanced to EGA and VGA graphics capabilities. The games were also stored on floppy discs and played through the floppy drive, because there was no integrated hard drive. Even when the first hard drives were packaged into the computer system, the storage space available was very limited. Eventually, advances in hardware, memory and graphics enabled the building of systems that could multi-task and run games that used up more working memory.

The Modern Day Gaming Computer

Ever since the computer gaming boom, several types of computers have hit the market. Now there are systems made specifically for work applications or casual use, as well as powerful notebooks and desktop computers that are made to play even the most demanding games. These so-called gaming computers generally have a lot of RAM memory, multiple core processors and exceptional graphics cards. Basically, in gaming computers a lot of attention is paid to the components that are required to run even the most advanced games without having to worry about common performance problems, such as lagging, crashing or overheating. The hard drive space available is also important if a computer is to be used for gaming, because most games now encompass several gigabytes and that number only goes up when mods, or add-ons, are added to the core content.

Building the Ideal Computer for Gaming

Even though there are many different gaming computers on the market, not all will have the exact specifications that every gamer wants. Fortunately, there are many retailers that sell computer components and it is possible to build a custom gaming computer. Not only is this fun to do, but it is possible to mix and match the hardware components so that the computer is the ideal platform for playing certain types of games, such as MMO, or even specific game titles that have a certain hardware requirements if they are to be played at the highest level of settings or frame rate. The monitor or screen size of a gaming computer should also be large, because it is easier on the eyes and the game details are clearly seen.

The variety of computer products available makes it possible to build a gaming computer with just about any configuration imaginable. Individual components can also be purchased to upgrade or replace parts of an existing gaming system. Besides the basic components like memory and processor, gaming computers also need strong a strong power supply unit, network cards if it can be or has to be played online, and sufficient cooling to prevent the system from burning out due to the heat generated by all the processes that run simultaneously. In addition, gaming computers can be equipped with liquid coolers, multi-colored LED fans, extra hard drives and gadgets that show the current temperature or control functions like fan speed.

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