Why The World Pays Attention To Windows 8

Windows 8

Microsoft has been making great strides recently. With the unveiling of Windows 8 and its following previews, it’s looking like Windows 8 is leaning towards a more user – engaging interaction.

What’s my take on all of this? Windows 8 will definitely look great.

Why is that? Let’s take a look at how they revamped their Windows interface, specifically Metro. This feature of Windows 8 has got to be the best feature of all, because it allows you to do stuff like you would on a tablet interface. You can pin apps, contacts and stuff, similar to how it does things on Windows 7.5 Mango.

With Mango, there isn’t anything bad about it. Even people who regularly lambast Microsoft Windows suddenly found a Microsoft product that they liked, and Microsoft hopes to repeat that success with Windows 8.

Everyone’s Forgetting The Classic View

I’m very excited to see how Windows 8 will operate in its entirety when it gets released. I’ve seen the pictures and I’m positively looking forward to it. Why? Many people are currently complaining about the new look of Windows 8, but not me. I know for a fact that Windows 8 still has the classic desktop view, which I can always go to anytime I’m feeling alienated.

I’m ready for Windows 8, but how about the rest of the world? I’ve seen many places still making use of Windows XP! They’re very old school when it comes to doing things, and I find that sad. They missed out on Windows 7, and now they’re going to miss out on Windows 8! Once Windows 8 hits the shelves, it’s going to sell like hotcakes. Only Microsoft has the brand strength to make the world go crazy about a piece of software. Software, dear readers, software!

When Microsoft Releases an OS, the World Pays Attention

Have you seen people go crazy when Apple releases their latest OS X? The publicity pales in comparison when it comes to Microsoft’s announcements. Of course, Apple has other products that compensate for that, like the iPhone and iPad, but these are products with hardware, not just software. When Apple releases software for the PC, people pay attention, but only for a while.

With Microsoft, the whole world listens, and it’s great to see a company still at the top of the game even after decades. Microsoft is a brand so ingrained in our lives that it’s difficult to see anything else on top, except of course, Apple’s software.

Developers and Safety

But then again, the main advantage of Windows is the legions of developers supporting the platform. Video games for Windows always get the first bite, while Apple’s users always get left behind by a year or two. By then, new games have already been released!

How about viruses? Why not use Apple? They don’t get any viruses! That is just a myth, dear readers. Apple does get viruses, but they’re not well – known, because they only garner a small percentage of the market. Why would computer virus programmers waste their time on software that only has less than 10% market share in the PC OS world?

Whatever the case, I’m waiting with open arms for Windows 8.

About the author: Mikaela V. Taylor is an aspiring blogger which occasionally writes about electronics. She currently writes for Cash For Laptops where one can trade laptop and at the same time help reduce tech waste.

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