5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an online game enjoyed by millions across the globe. Though the game aims to entertain, it offers a surprising number of real life lessons.

Importance of Team Work

World of Warcraft is not a single-player game. The game thrives on social interaction. Dungeon runs, battlegrounds and raids all require team work. Group play require players to fulfill certain roles and work together. In dungeons and raids, one character must take all the incoming damage from monsters. Another character must fill the role of the healer to aid injured characters. Finally, the remaining roles are filled by characters who are tasked with damaging and killing the monsters. Completing these dungeons and raids requires every person to play to the best of their ability or they will not succeed. Some goals in World of Warcraft are not achievable without a high level of teamwork. Players can learn invaluable lessons about working together by playing World of Warcraft.

Understanding Capitalism

In World of Warcraft, players can participate in a virtual economy through the in-game auction house. This auction house lets players put items up for sale. Other players can search the auction house to find armor, gems and other things to buy. This auction house acts as an economic simulation, with the laws of supply and demand dictating the prices of items on the auction house. A rare piece of equipment will sell for a high amount of gold. Common types of equipment will sell for much less. Prices of goods on the auction house spike up and down all the time. Players have to figure out which commodities are the most valuable. Users who play with the auction house learn some of the concepts of risk and reward. Learning from this economic simulation can help players learn about financial investing in the real world.

Rewarding Patience and Work

Few rewards in World of Warcraft are freely given. A character that has just reached level cap will have poor gear. Players must take their characters through hours of dungeons and raids to grind out the best possible gear. The better gear a character has, the better that character will perform. Some items are earned only by doing the same task every single day for a set period. Players with an abundance of gold can purchase some rewards, but many other rewards require time. Just like in real life, reaching goals requires patience and work.

Attention to Detail

World of Warcraft requires attention to detail to play well. In dungeons and raids, monsters use magic spells and other abilities to damage characters. Players must learn what these effects look like and learn how to avoid them in the future. Ignoring these subtle visual cues is one of the leading causes of character death in World of Warcraft. Players who learn how to carefully navigate through the deathtraps in World of Warcraft learn to pay attention to the details in their real life environments.

Healthy Balance

Successful World of Warcraft players learn how to balance their time within the game. Players that focus solely on one aspect of the game lose out by neglecting other parts. A player that spends all his time gathering ore will find that his character doesn’t have the gear required to raid. Balancing the goals in the game helps teach players how to balance goals in real life. Every time a player logs in, she must decide what tasks she wishes to accomplish. As in real life, there simply isn’t enough time to do everything. Players must learn how to maximize time most efficiently. This is a useful lesson for balancing work, family, friends and World of Warcraft in real life.

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  1. I am loving these gaming articles from Technicamix. That is actually the thing with video games, we learn something, but everything we learn are subtle. It’s not that we realized it immediately that “oh, I’m good at teamwork now..” but at the end of a long day, at the end of countless boss hunts, our mind will suddenly come to a realization that we are indeed learning. :)

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