Pinterest for Designers

Pinterest is a fantastic image sharing website that allows you to aggregate your favourite images on to pin boards. These boards can be dedicated to different topics and you then pin your images accordingly. Many websites now have a ‘follow us on Pinterest’ button as well as a ‘pin it’ button on their images so that users can pin them straight to their Pinterest boards without leaving the website. Pinterest can be a fantastic tool for generating brand awareness and driving sales as your images can be pinned by one user and then re-pinned buy tens, hundreds and even thousands of others.

If you work in the design industry, or any industry that is very visual, then it is probably worth signing up for an account. Share your leaflet designs, packaging concepts, the infographics you have created and anything else that you think people would want to see. If you are a weddings stationary designer or a photographer then you are especially lucky as wedding images are very popular. One quick tip is to create image based quotes that reflect the ethos of your design agency as quotes get re-pinned more than anything else! Take a look our infographic for some interesting Pinterest stats and tips for using Pinterest as a promotional tool!

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Pinterest Infographic

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  1. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media site most of the users are using this. If you like any image or video you can pin it and also you can like. Recently I had created account in pinterest and I am enjoying my pinning.

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