Google Is Going To Present A New Cheap Android Tablet In June

Asus Transformer Prime

The level of popularity of Apple products is something that any company would like to achieve and even exceed. Easier said than done. But the specialists from Google company have decided to give this idea a try.

Google has decided to launch a new tablet that will be able to compete with Apple products in term of its price. The new low-cost Android tablet has been created by Google together with and Taiwanese company Asustek Computer. Some specialists believe that Google’s decision to release its own tablet device shows that the company wants to free the market from the excessive fragmentation and in addition to that to gain more control over Android. Many Android tablets and smartphones are running on older versions of Google Mobile, and sometimes are delayed by the hardware manufacturers.

In addition to the release of a new tablet, Google has also intensified the work on the release of a new Apple Siri rival (right now Siri is compatible with iPhone 4S but later will be released for the third generation of iPad supplied with iOS 6). Unfortunately, no further details about the Google version of Siri are available at the moment but I’m sure that the date of its release will be far from the presentation day of the Siri for iPad.

The rumors about Google and ASUS working together on creation of a new tablet first appeared in March 2012, and back then it was assumed that the device would cost between $199 and $249. Last year, ASUS launched its own tablet Transformer Prime, which successfully combined the functionality of a tablet and a netbook in one device. The model was very well received, but it could not successfully compete with the Apple iPad. So the companies decided to unite their efforts in order to release a device that will be cheap but at the same time highly competitive at the modern narket.

The reaction of the market is something that is hard to predict. Taking into consideration that Microsoft officially announced the release of its new Surface tablets, but forgot to say about the date of the release, it’s quite possible that new Google tablets will be popular with users. And the price of a device may become the main factor here.

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  1. But Google offers a cheap alternative to the iPad – that’s the point. I think that many people silll can’t afford to buy Apple products because of high prices. Let’s see what’ll come out of this.

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