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Perhaps people are more aware of the fact that it’s much easier to seamlessly maneuver from the desktop to your Android device more than it is to do the reverse. The fact is that you can sync Android on your laptop or desktop although you may be required to add a few extra features for this to be carried out successfully. The feature of Androids that makes this possibility a tad difficult is that they are basically designed to operate Google’s web services more than those that have to do with Windows.

Steps for Syncing Android on Your Laptop or Desktop

a) Install Android on Flash Drive
This can be done on either a flash drive or a memory card. The only requirement is to make sure that the device has enough storage space. This should not be less than 256MB. If the drive has other programs or documents, it is better if you remove them before using it to run Android.

Go to the Android x86 page and download this facility. After downloading it safely and successfully on your drive, the next step is to set it up following the instructions which prompt you.

How to download Android on to the flash drive
Once you are on Android x86 page, you scroll all the way down to the Stable Release section. After doing this, click on the section titled View which is below the android-x86-1.6-r2.iso. This promptly sets off the process of downloading the iso file into your computer.

While the iso file continues to be downloaded, you should also make sure that you download UNetbootin. You should not do anything else until these files finish downloading successfully.

b) Having finished downloading the files, you should ensure that you select the UNetbootin and run it. Beside the Diskimage title, click on the bullet found there and then proceed to click the “…” button. Once this is done, proceed on and select the Android OS which was just downloaded, which has been referred to previously as iso.

c) After all these steps, you select the flash drive or memory card that you were using and finish off by clicking on OK. Then wait for UNetbootin to finish copying all these files you have just downloaded over to your flash drive or memory card.

d) Once the Android OS has been copied to the flash drive, you will then be prompted to state whether you desire to reboot or not. This is simply a matter of choice. You may also opt to skip this step, not reboot and then, remove your flash drive and then use it wherever you may feel like.

If your desire is to transfer the Android OS over to a CD or DVD, it is possible for this to be done by burning it. You can keep a copy of the same Android OS both on your flash drive as well as on the CD or DVD.

If your computer refuses to reboot from the flash drive, as some fail to do, you may have to press F2 or F10, or whichever key your computer may prompt you. When you reboot make sure that you select the option given to you which allows the Android OS to be run without installation.

Once all these are achieved, you can then start to use and enjoy the Android interface as brought to you and use it for browsing and other apps available on it.

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