Best 5 Android Phones 2012

Best Android Phones 2012

Andy Rubin originally developed the Android market in 2003. Since 2003, the Android market has become known worldwide. The android market is a Linux based operating system led and developed by Google. This operating system was created to give customers a smarter phone that was more aware of the customer’s preferences and surroundings.

850,000 cell phones are activated each day with the Android market. As of February 2012, over 300 million people own an Android phone. The Android market now has 450,000 applications for customers to enjoy as well. Over 10 billion Android applications have been downloaded since December of 2011. This phone truly is an exceptional customer service phone.

There are currently over 80 Android phones on the market. Each Android phone has several features that are unique to the Android operating system. The makers of the Android phones pride themselves on a few special features. The operating system provides three different types of messaging services. SMS, MMS and C2DM are the three types that can be enjoyed by customers. The touch screen phones are of excellent quality and make it easy to dial a phone number or text message. Video calling, Bluetooth, tethering and screen capture are all very common features on these phones as well.

All of the Android phones are exceptionally well put together. If only 5 phones could be chosen as the best Android phones of 2012, they would have to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Rezound, Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. These phones have been purchased more than any other Android phones within the past year.

Among these phones, the Samsung Galaxy note has been purchased the most. This phone is called a phablet because it has a very large screen similar to a tablet but operates like other Android phones. The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is great phone people who spend a large amount of time on their cell phones. This phone has the best battery life among other Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is popular because it has a duel core processor and runs like most computers. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has amazing storage space capacity as well. The HTC Rezound meet the top 5 list because it has the best screen display among all Android phones today.

This phone is great for people who have terrible eyesight because the picture is crystal clear. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a very lightweight cell phone. The phone is not bulky for being an Android phone and has an amazing picture quality. Android phones have come a long way since 2003.

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  1. The competition between smartphone providers going fast. Choose a phone that fits your needs, Smartphones make lives a lot easier. It is more than just a communication tool that is why a lot of people prefer to use it over regular mobile phones.

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