Twitter buying Posterous: What does it signify? A blogger’s view

Twitter Buys Posterous

Twitter has acquired Posterous, which is a micro blogging service that allows you to share posts and information through PCs, mobile devices and email, similar to Tumblr.

Strategic Move

This is a move by Twitter which will not go unnoticed as Twitter is not gaining much wealth – both in terms of money and new users, as Posterous does not generate a lot of profit, and it only boasts of 15 million unique users, which is crumbs compared to half a billion members of Twitter. The motive behind this acquisition is clearly to gain strategic advantage and not gain anything monetarily.

Beyond the operational aspects of the matter (it is still unclear whether in addition to the 36 newly acquired talents, Twitter will also bring home some features of the service), Posterous has in fact worked in recent years to create a sharing service that went beyond the classic platform of blogging or micro blogging. Something which is social but intimate at the same time, based on the level of private share. A work that culminated in the so-called spaces in which, the web users can share photos and texts according to their social preferences.

What’s different with Posterous?

In the words of its founder Sachin Agarwal, “Posterous is a service that allows you to control what you share and with whom it shares”. Thus, we can say that in addition to the classic principles of Web 2.0, Posterous has always looked to provide better privacy options to its users, and it has given a loud voice to all those users who do not want to share their content indiscriminately but prefer to do it in a targeted manner.

There is another aspect of Posterous, which will certainly grab the attention of Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and other executives of Twitter, is that Posterous is able to give users a less volatile place to store their information and their content. In this sense, the acquisition of Posterous will make Twitter executives to make changes in Twitter in order to allow storage people to the users.

What can Twitter users expect?

Here are two things that Twitter users can expect:

1) More privacy options as Posterous has been known to provide better privacy options to the users.

2) Storage Space in Twitter, where users can store information of their choice.

In terms of the way Twitter is used, there may not be any changes as the platform remains the same. On the other hand, the users of Posterous may have to adapt to a lot of changes. Even though the site is up and running, the executives at Posterous have advised the users to create backup or migrate.

As Facebook has its own Timeline and its board, we can assume that Twitter will soon have its own place where users can store their content. However, I do not think that the 140 character limit in Twitter will wither be increased or decreased. We will have to wait and watch in the coming weeks to see if any more changes will occur.

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